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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Colors? Symbolism and Signs

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Colors? Symbolism and Signs

There is something about colors that influences your mood and emotions. 

While it may seem like a simple response from the brain, the vibrant colors you see every day actually speak to your soul in a subtle but effective way. 

In the spiritual realm, colors have the same capacity of communicating with people the same way totems and spirit animals do. Colors carry spiritual meaning depending on the intensity and associations surrounding a particular color. 

For example, red is often linked to fire, making it a proper symbol of passion and power. Hence, it is not uncommon to encounter leaders and people of influence who identify with the color red. 

Nevertheless, every color and anti-color bear a significant message of spiritual guidance. Sometimes they pose a crucial warning. 

So, if you recognize and interpret them the right way, you can stay on the right track in life. 

Do Colors Have a Spiritual Meaning?

Yes, colors are associated with specific spiritual meanings. And when they manifest, either in your dream or real-life encounters, you should be able to pick up the message. 

Spiritual Meaning of Red

The red color is always seemingly intense, producing strong spiritual vibrations. Plus, it’s associated with strong elements such as fire and blood

But in reality, red is the perfect representation of passion, power, dominance, energy, vitality, authority, and assertion. 

Out of all the colors, red is considered as the pusher. It drives you to take action and go back in the right direction.

Since red is such as vibrant color, you can’t possibly miss it. 

Therefore, if you are seeing lots of red in your life, it could indicate that you are lacking the necessary focus in the present. It may be high time to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future.

Spiritual Meaning of Orange

Orange may not be everyone’s favorite color, but its spiritual message speaks a lot of volumes. 

For one, orange symbolizes creativity, optimism, energy, happiness, health, and fearlessness. In addition, this lively color stimulates appetite and everything that brings joy to people. 

It represents the color of change as seen during autumn when the seasons transition. 

Also, orange is considered a lucky color for health, considering many fruits known to protect the immune system are colored orange. 

Speaking of fruits, orange also represents harvest and bounty. With this spiritual message comes the promise of a brighter side as your spirits are uplifted and ignited for progress. 

Spiritual Meaning of Yellow

There’s no doubt how yellow brings the power of the sun. With that, it represents energy, harmony, foresight, wisdom, and beauty. 

Yellow contains high vibrations making it an effective channel between the physical and spiritual world. 

Also, the color yellow is known to bring warmth and happiness, especially during dark times. If you have been going through the struggles of life, seeing more yellows in life brings you the message of brighter days that are coming ahead. 

Yellow also represents God’s divinity, undying hope, and optimism. As the sun is the ultimate source of life, yellow becomes the embodiment of God’s creation and intelligent design.

Spiritual Meaning of Green

The color green symbolizes growth, harmony, new beginnings, balance, health, and progress. Being the color of nature, green is often recognized as the color of abundance and opportunities. 

The term “greener pasture” encapsulates how the color stimulates growth in all aspects. 

Moreover, it highlights the value of time and consistency as crucial qualities for prosperity. This belief comes from the development of a seed sprouting into a plant that embraces its green color. 

Likewise, the same color is associated with the conversion of light energy into chemical energy, providing nutrients to the plants. 

As such, when spirits send a message of transformation, it could be in the form of plenty of green colors. 

Spiritual Meaning of Blue

Blue represents trust, faith, protection, healing, intelligence, wisdom, and confidence. It is often associated with the sky and the heavens. Hence, the color blue is widely considered the color of God. 

Moreover, blue symbolizes peaceful rest, sincerity, intuition, imagination, and inspiration. Seeing the blue color stimulates a sense of tranquility similar to how you feel when looking at a serene sea or ocean. 

As a result, it counteracts aggression which is why some cultures use the color blue to ward off evil spirits. 

Spiritual Meaning of Purple

The color purple is perhaps the most spiritual color out there. 

Not only does it represent nobility and royalty, but the color violet represents imagination and aspiration – two concepts that are closely in touch with the spiritual realm. 

Seeing purple frequently reminds you to aim for balance and harmony, especially in keeping your mind, body, and soul attuned. Likewise, it symbolizes creativity, grandeur, pride, and wisdom. 

However, purple can also represent unpleasant qualities such as extravagance, vanity, and greed. This is primarily because purple is tied up with the upper class.

Purple is often associated with affluence. This is because, in the context of history, purple used to be a rare color that only royalties and the elites could afford them. 

Spiritual Meaning of White

White is the ultimate symbol of purity. Good spirits are represented by white as they carry good intentions around. Moreover, white also represents spiritual enlightenment, serenity, and simplicity.

People often believe that white is the absence of color. However, contrary to this misconception, white is actually the combination of all the basic colors. 

The concept is heavily proven by the light spectrum. If you let the white light see through a prism, you would know that it is made of several colors.  

Therefore, the white color indicates there is more underneath the plain and simple. 

You may be going through something ordinary, but if you see white color all around you, you might be surprised by its true value underneath.  

Spiritual Meaning of Black

Black is not necessarily color. In fact, since it is the opposite of light, it becomes the opposite of what colors bring. 

While vibrant colors forming the white light mostly bring joy, energy, and optimism, black symbolizes despair, lethargy, sadness, and darkness – the complete opposite of what colors represent.

However, contrary to popular belief, black also brings positive symbolism. For example, it can also represent regalness, authority, and timelessness. In fashion, black is considered a classic and ageless hue. 

On the other hand, in the context of cultural use, black is associated with mourning. Hence, during funerals, it’s customary to wear black.

Nevertheless, the overwhelming presence of black in your life can be a warning for an impending tragedy or challenges in life. If this is the case, turn your attention to the vibrant colors surrounding you. 


Colors may appeal to your eyes, but they speak to your soul. 

The spiritual meanings of each color can lead you towards your purpose and success. Likewise, you can treat them as a totem and a channel to the spiritual world. So, it’s essential to recognize if the message is a warning or a piece of encouragement. 

To choose a color that represents your future and life as a whole, it’s crucial to stay attuned with your true self.