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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Daisies?

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Daisies?

In nature, everything is a spirit guide. You just need to have a closer look at the symbolism these finite beings bring. One, in particular, is daisies. 

Daisies symbolize innocence, cheerfulness, purity, beauty, new beginnings, and lasting love. This is why it seems like daisies emit self-produced sunshine—positive and comforting energy. From its mesmerizing eyes to its tantalizing petals, they can put someone in a better mood.

With this, let’s take a deeper look at the spiritual meaning of daisies.

What Do Daisies Symbolize? 

Daisies bear representations of spiritual gifts such as purity, love, innocence, and happiness. 

Now, this guide will walk you through the different colors and symbolism they connote.

Yellow Daisy Symbolism

As bright as yellow daisies look and their contagious vitality, they also symbolize cheerfulness and fun. With their vigorous look, having yellow daisies in your garden or at home can evoke positivity and happiness too. What’s more, giving or getting yellow daisies also mean pure friendship.

White Daisy Symbolism

It is common knowledge that white denotes purity and innocence. That is why white daisies are great to use as wedding bouquets. Also, it is a wonderful gift for women who have just given birth.

In other words, the white flowers symbolize new beginnings, purity, and innocence for the newly born baby. But on the other hand, white daisies are also markers of hope and spirituality.

Red Daisy Symbolism

Red daisies are linked to passion and romantic love. That is to say. These flowers are the symbols of having a deep passionate affection and love towards someone. But, in addition to that, this red flower connotes a wholehearted commitment to a particular person in your life.

Pink Daisy Symbolism

Pink daisies symbolize femininity. This means they are used in celebrating womanhood.

Furthermore, this flower also means deep passionate love. 

With that being said, this pink flower can be a sign of new love and interest towards someone.

Also, as vibrant as its color, pink daisies represent joy and spirituality.

Orange Daisy Symbolism

Aside from yellow and pink daisies, there is nothing more mesmerizing and vibrant than orange daisies. Its flame orange color surely fits its meaning. And it symbolizes joy, warmth, and friendship as well.

So, if you are looking for a meaningful present, flame orange daisies serve as an excellent gift for your friends that you think fondly of.

Blue Daisy Symbolism

The blue daisy symbolizes freedom, openness, imagination, inspiration, intuition, and depth.

Moreover, this color also represents trust, loyalty, confidence, stability, faith, intelligence, sincerity, and wisdom.

As deep, dreamy, and poetic as it connotes, blue daisies are also symbols for visualization.

Like when you wish upon a star, if you focus on the blue flower, this will give you the advantage to calm your mind. Also, it helps you to visualize a positive result while praying, manifesting, or meditating.

Daisies in Christianity 

Daisies also have significant symbolism in Christianity. That is, in the Christian tradition, the flower was tied to Virgin Mary many years ago.

The story of Mary is associated with the innocence of daisies. Her virtues were also represented and retold by what daisies symbolize, which include faithfulness, obedience, humility, and purity. 

Meanwhile, in the medieval period, symbolism shifted to a child. This flower is used as an emblem of Christ. With that being said, it is told that daisies were used to guide the three wise men to Jesus’ manger the night he was born.

On top of that, the daisy’s petals signify the five virtues of Christianity: charity, prudence, faith, hope, and justice.

Daisies in Other Religions

In Buddhism, the daisy represents the purity of the mind and body.

It is used by meditation practitioners to be reminded of the simplicity, beauty, and serenity of being calm and at peace.

On the other hand, in Hinduism, the daisy is associated with Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of 

beauty, wealth, and good fortune. Additionally, it symbolizes hope and prosperity and is used in wedding ceremonies to bring good luck.

In Judaism, this flower is linked to Ruth and Naomi’s story because it symbolizes new beginnings and hope.

Meanwhile, in Taoism, the daisy also represents a young girl’s heart’s love, purity, and innocence.

Daisies in Different Cultures 

Native American Daisy Symbolism

For Native Americans, daisies are tied to the attributes of the sun. It represents joy, life, and truth. As such, they view daisies as a representation of life itself. 

Korean Daisy Symbolism

In Korea, people pay more close attention when giving flowers. For instance, gifting daisies is an expression of familial and filial affection. It represents the strong bond between family and blood relatives. 

Old English Daisy Symbolism

The word “daisy” originated from the Old English word daeges eage, or daegeseag which means “the day’s eye”. Apparently, the flower’s center resembles an eye, and it closes at nighttime. Then, it opens in the morning.

So, the phrase “as fresh as a daisy” means someone had a good night’s sleep, fresh and ready to take on the day.

Celtic Mythology Daisy Symbolism

Celtic legend says that when an infant died, the gods would sprinkle daisies onto the earth to comfort the grieving parents and cheer them up. Conversely, daisies also brought good luck and protective powers to babies and children.

Roman Mythology Daisy Symbolism

In Roman mythology, the story of a nymph who became a daisy was has been recorded in literature. It was about the Roman god of gardens and seasons, named Vertumnus, who ardently and overwhelmingly pursued a beautiful nymph named Belides.

Meanwhile, this nymph wanted to escape from the god’s intense attention and affection.

As a result, she turned herself into a daisy and freed herself from Vertumnus. 

From then on, the daisy is associated with Belides because of her beauty, purity, and transformation. Additionally, the name Bellis is daisy’s scientific name.

Norse Mythology Daisy Symbolism

In Norse mythology, daisy is associated with the goddess of beauty, purity, and transformation named Freya.

Furthermore, her sacred flower was a daisy that symbolizes childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. Now, this flower is occasionally given to congratulate new moms.

Daisies Dream Meaning 

Dreaming of daisies has several interpretations. For example, the appearance of daisies in dreams means beauty, innocence, happiness, hope, growth, renewal, and friendship.

Additionally, this can mean someone will positively impact and contribute to your life.

Also, a field full of daisies means prosperity, abundance, well-being, and blessings coming your way. On the other hand, if someone gave you a bouquet of daisies, you might suffer depression.

Flower colors also represent the mood, so pay attention to it. For instance, white daisies mean you are about to be blessed with peace in your life. Red or orange means welcoming love in your life.


Knowing the spiritual meanings of daisies makes you more aware of their value. This can help alter your perspective on life and see what your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you.

Seeing these flowers definitely gives you a sign that good things will come into your life, like abundance, love, and happiness. Daisies are here to remind you that there is growth, transformation, and a new beginning despite the hardships.