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What is the spiritual meaning of ears ringing? Should you be concerned?

What is the spiritual meaning of ears ringing? Should you be concerned?

There are times when you may walk into a room and suddenly everything becomes dim as an overwhelming ringing in your ears takes over your senses. This is something that some people may feel because of hearing damage, however, many feel this quite often, and only in select places around the world. There is a deep spiritual meaning to your ears ringing when you least expect it. 

When your ears start ringing it means that you are energetically sensitive, able to sense the subtle changes and energy shifts in both the real world and the spiritual world. Most often it is a sign that you can commune with the ethereal plane and discern information from the energetic exchanges around you. Usually, this is the first sign that you can discern a part of the world that many others could never have imagined. 

You should know what each type of ringing means, what it means when only one ear is ringing, and how to interpret the sounds you may be hearing. Many people have had to learn through trial and error what they were perceiving from the world around them. You will need to know what to do when your ears are ringing and how to receive messages from a place that you may not be familiar with. 

What to do when your ears are ringing?

The only thing you should be doing is listening to the intuition you will have when your ears are ringing. Depending on how the ringing is happening, in one ear, both ears, or at a specific frequency the meaning behind the ringing can be varied. The only real way to learn what you should be doing is gaining experience, as this will allow you to comfortably understand why your ears may be ringing at a specific time. 

Many times the energies in a room may uniquely present themselves, that no book or article could accurately describe. Usually, you will be able to tell quite well what is happening if you are open to what needs to be done. However, there are times that you may want to stop the ringing from taking place. For this, there are many techniques that you can do. 

Usually involving crystals to either block out the flow from the energies around you, or to balance out the energy to ensure there is more ringing. Further, if you meditate you may find yourself more open to the energies, which will cause you to understand them more. While meditating you can also work through the negative or positive energies that are in a room and overcome them to stop the incessant ringing you may have. 

What does ringing in only your right ear mean?

While many people will experience ringing in both ears at the same time for most energies, this is not always true. The right ear is the much more likely ear to start ringing when dealing with spiritual energies and the messages that are tied to this are at least understood. Many times people will be unsure about the ringing, why it is happening in one ear, or how to stop it.

Understanding the ringing in any of the two ears is all about knowing what that specific ringing will mean. To understand this we need to look at the pitch, buzzing, white noise, intensity of the ringing in each of the ears.

The left year usually having vastly different meanings than the right ear, which can confuse those that are experienced in only having one of their ears ringing. 

  • Left Ear Pitch: high pitched ringing in your left ear is a good sign that you are about to enter a period of growth. Usually closely connected to your spiritual growth, as you grow stronger and more knowledgeable the left ear starts ringing to try and realign with the new energies you are encountering. While a low-pitched ringing is a sign of stressors, or negative energy, that are lowering your vibration. You may be around something that is causing a negative effect on your life when your left ear is ringing constantly.
  • Right Ear Pitch: This is a sign that a spiritual being is coming out using your energy, usually an angel or higher being of light, that may be there to offer protection or deliver a message. These beings are closely connected to the source energy and will be using the crown chakra from you or someone else in the room to emerge. While in the lower pitches it means a being is coming from your lower chakras and is connected to stress and anxiety.
  • Right Ear Buzzing/White Noise: One of the more common types of ringing that you may find yourself having is the buzzing or white noise in your right ear. This is a sign that you are closely connected to someone else, in the physical realm. This can be a close friend or family member but is usually because you are connected to a romantic partner. 
  • Left Ear Buzzing/White Noise: A white noise or buzzing in your left ear means that you are receiving a message from your higher self. Usually accompanied with a complete sense of peace and serenity, this means that the pathways between you and your higher self are opening up more and more. 
  • Right Ear Loud Ringing: Everyone can get excited and the spirits that surround and guide us are the same, a sudden and loud ringing in both ears or just the right ear is a sign that your spiritual guide is excited about something. However, it can also serve as a warning telling you to pay attention to something specific or simply pay attention to the world around you. 
  • Left Ear Loud Ringing: Similar to the ringing in your right ear, a ringing in your left ear is there to serve as a warning, usually coming from your higher self. It is a sign that you need to pay attention to the energy around you, becoming aware of a danger that may lie ahead, or simply that you need to be prepared for a challenge you are currently facing. 

How to ease ringing in the ears?

Generally speaking, there are three ways of easing the ringing that may be in your ears, the first of which touches on using a select few crystals. Shungite for those on the PC a lot of the time, Tourmaline for those that need something on their body, and a few neutral balancing crystals to ensure that your home is perfectly balanced. 

The second way that we can recommend getting rid of ringing in your ears is by easing the cords that you have with others. This does not mean distancing yourself from loved ones or friends, instead, it means that you should work towards the resonance cords that you have with others. By simply ensuring that your energies are not matching exactly you can lessen the ringing in both your ears, just be careful as this can cause negative energy between you and the person.

A common thing that can happen is that your ears will be ringing when you are meditating, this simply means that you are reaching further into the spiritual realm. As you get better at meditating so too will the ringing in your ears increase. Simply learning how to control your meditation will allow you to not have the ringing for much longer after meditating, it should be noted that ringing while meditating is a good sign. 


The energies around you and in you will greatly affect how much your ears are ringing and will be the only way that you can become attuned to the beings around you. You should always work towards ensuring that the ringing is not so obtrusive that you cannot concentrate on your daily life. However, if you find that your ears are always ringing this may be a sign of medical issues and you should seek help from a medical professional. 

Whatever you do, please don’t ignore the ringing if it becomes a common thing, it might be a sign to be aware of something or simply to be a warning!