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Fly Symbolism: The Spiritual Meaning of Flies

Fly Symbolism: The Spiritual Meaning of Flies

You may have shooed a fly or two on a hot summer day and got you wondering: what are flies for? Not only do they play a vital role in the ecosystem, but flies also bring with them different symbols that could guide you.

The spiritual meanings of flies are death, decay, tenacity, resilience, metamorphosis, gracefulness, and abundance. So keep reading, and follow the buzzing flies to uncover underlying messages in your life.

What Do Flies Symbolize? 

The spiritual meaning of flies varies on the kind of situation you are living in right now. Therefore, you might want to examine your life and see some associations with flies that might give you insights into navigating your life.

Flies as a Symbol of  Resilience and Flexibility 

Flies are known for their ability to strive even in the most challenging environment. In fact, they also find an abundance of food and resources despite living in harsh settings. So, if you are losing hope, these creatures can teach you the value of flexibility, persistence, and determination. 

Flies as a Symbol of  Death and Decay

Flies are often connected to death and decay. We see flies over dirty and decaying food or meat. With that, flies are considered a bad omen, and bad luck will come after. This could mean illness or loss.

Flies as a Symbol of  Gracefulness

One of the unique features of flies is their pair of eyes. They can see 360’ degrees. So, they maneuver and fly swiftly and gracefully despite having some blocks along their way. Like the flies, you can focus on your vision and see the bigger schema of the world so that you can move through life with the same grace flies show.

Flies as a Symbol of  Metamorphosis 

Metamorphosis is another representation of flies.  Flies undergo change and transformation, too, from a grub to a larva or pupa to an adult fly. This process requires steadfastness and patience. So, you must enjoy every season of your life as change and transformation don’t happen overnight.

Flies as a Symbol of  Tenacity

Flies have a tenacious characteristic. When you brush a fly away, they have more grit to come back flying around you, which can be annoying. So, having their presence can signify that you have to be more tenacious in your life. It’s time to work and focus on your goals.

Flies as a Totem Animal

Flies have positive qualities like being tenacious, resilient, metamorphosis, and gracefulness. They strive even in the harshest environments, and they seem to have more resources that help them survive. As totem animals, they may bring you through rough settings, leaving you triumphant and even stronger. 

Flies as a Spirit Animal

Flies are one of the most effective pollinators for flowering plants, implying change and metamorphosis. Moreover, flies’ spiritual meanings have positive and negative qualities. In some contexts, they signify death and decay – the harbinger of death. On the other hand, they also serve as messengers bringing warning signs to the people.

Flies Spiritual Meaning in Christianity

In the book of Exodus, people believe that God used a swarm of flies to punish them. Also, God tormented Pharaoh by sending him a swarm of flying insects during the plague of flies. That’s why flies are perceived as death and pestilence.

What’s more, flies represent the devil as a character from the Lord of the flies, Beelzebub. Flies are considered scavengers and parasites associated with death, disease, rotting flesh, and evil.

If flies follow you, you might be suffering from unhappiness or depression. Unless you pay the debts of your sins, then you will be free and happy.

Cultural Significant of Flies

How flies are perceived in different cultures depends not only on their established symbols but their impact on history as well. Here are the cultural meanings of flies across the globe.  

Flies Symbolism in Native American Culture

For Native Americans, flies are messengers of change and transformation, specifically in some areas of your life or lifestyle. On the other hand, flies bring bad omens, news, and misfortune.

In the Navajo tribe, they have the Big Fly, which is the spirit of their ancestors. It is a protector of sand painting and watches over artists while doing their craft.

Flies Symbolism in  Greek Culture

Ancient Greeks view flies as representations of sexuality, passion, creation, and destruction. They are also messengers between mortals and gods, as flies are also considered immortal creatures.

In Green mythology, there was once a naive girl named Io who Zeus wooed. Out of Zeus’ fear of being discovered by her wife, Hera, he turned Io into a cow. Unfortunately, Hera knew and sent a gadfly to Io to torment her. 

Flies Symbolism in Celtic Culture

For Celts, flies are symbols of pestilence, disease, and death. Ancient celts avoid maggots since they are carriers of illnesses. However, flies have other representations like transformation and rebirth. Despite bad conditions, these creatures persevere and evolve through time.

Flies Symbolism in Egyptian Culture

Flies represent persistence and unwavering tenacity for Egyptians. In fact, they have carved golden fly amulets and pendants for protection and as a symbol of royal recognition for the soldiers’ bravery on the battlefield.

Flies Symbolism in Sumerian 

In Sumerian myth, there was Goddess Inana, who was helped by a fly to find her husband, Dumuzid, who was pursued by a devil in the underworld. Similar to the Greek myth about seasons and Persephone. Inana ordered that Dumuzid must come back to heaven every half of the year.

Flies Dream Meaning

The interpretation of a dream that involves flies may vary based on what they do in a specific scenario. However, more often than not, it brings warning signs and a reminder to be more cautious. 

Seeing Flies

Flies in your dream remind you to see what areas in your life are being blocked. As a result, you have more intense emotions affecting your interaction with others.

Also, dreaming of flies can symbolize filth and infestation. So with that, you might need to detox and cleanse yourself from emotional clutter or mental baggage that you have to let go finally.

A Fly Zooming Towards You

This is outright annoying when a fly keeps buzzing and flying right in your face or around your head. However, this might mean someone is trying to get your attention and manipulate you. 

Getting Bitten by a Fly

When a fly bites you in your dream, this can mean that a person in your life is jealous and hostile and can hurt or cause you pain. 

A fly landing on a body parts

If a fly lands on a specific part of your body, this can be an omen of sickness or problem in that area that seeks healing.

Killing a Fly

When you kill a fly in your dream, this indicates overcoming your limitations and fears. Take the momentum to move forward and conquer new experiences.

Catching a Fly 

Catching somebody in your life who has done you wrong or harmed you is another interpretation if you dreamt of catching a fly in your dreams. However, you are being warned this time, and you won’t let that person hurt you again.

A Fly Buzzing 

What’s more, dreaming of flies often might mean you are feeling bored, tired, or dissatisfied in your current situation, and it starts to bother or “bug” you. Flies can also signify change, such as good news or bad news.

Dead Flies on the Ground

If you happen to see dead flies in your dreams, this can mean that you still have unresolved regrets within. Meanwhile, a fly landing on your sweet treat can mean good luck or fortune ahead.


Flies are not highly regarded in our society. Some people find them dirty, carriers of illnesses and bad luck. However, despite the negative representations, flies have exceptional qualities you could take inspiration from. They also bring symbolic signs such as change, transformation, flexibility, and resilience to remind you to be like flies and keep moving forward!