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Spiritual Meaning of Geese: Symbolism and Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Geese: Symbolism and Signs

Geese are fearless and naturally territorial birds. They can become very aggressive to protect their goslings and nest from anything they consider a potential danger. It shows their protective nature but they have a much softer side as well.

If you have been dreaming about or encountering geese lately, it might be a sign that a goose is your spirit animal. In this article, I’ll explain the spiritual meaning of geese and the significance of this spirit animal in different cultures.

What Does the Goose Symbolize?

Geese symbolize many human characteristics such as bravery, aggression, compassion, protectiveness, love, loyalty, and devotion. A goose is a sought-after farm bird and in this context, the goose symbolism shows abundance and good fortune.

This bird is also linked with many fairy tales, including “Jack and the Beanstalk”. In this story, a goose lays golden eggs, which symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Geese are also connected with creativity and imagination. The quill of a swan or goose feather has been used as the preferred writing instrument since medieval times.

It was believed that using a quill made of a goose feather allowed the writer to enter new dimensions of the mind. It opens up the new portals of creativity and helps the writer travel through time to capture the stories of the past, present, and future.

Goose Symbolism in Different Cultures

In most cultures, the goose symbolism is associated with prosperity and power. Here’s what the goose symbolizes in different world cultures.

Native American Culture

Goose is a part of the Native American Zodiac. People who are born between 22nd December and 19th January are guided by the goose sign. They’re considered to be creative in nature and they have powerful work ethics.

In Native American culture, Goose symbolism is associated with communication skills, perseverance, focus, healing power, and masculinity. People who are influenced by the goose zodiac sign are also believed to be dependable and cooperative.

Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, especially in Chinese poetry, wild geese (in the form of couples or groups) are portrayed as a sign of romance and love. Whereas, a single goose represents sadness and a broken heart.

Christian Culture

The goose represents faith and fidelity in Christian iconography. Additionally, the wild goose appears as the symbol of the Holy Spirit in Celtic Christianity.

People associated with Celtic Christianity viewed the Holy Spirit as a surprisingly powerful and pure force. And they considered wild geese as a representation of purity and virtue.

Indian Culture

One of the most powerful gods in Indian mythology is known as Brahma. It is believed that Brahma rides a bird which is either a goose, swan, or peacock. Some versions of Hindu mythology also say that Brahma sprang from a primordial golden egg and then created the universe.

Egyptian Culture

There is a god explained in ancient Egyptian mythology, called Geb or “The Great Cackler”. Some people believed that Geb had the head of a goose but others say that a goose used to sit on his head. They believed that Geb laid an egg and it gave birth to the sun.

Goose Spirit Animal Meaning

According to the goose symbolism, people with the goose spirit animal are excellent communicators. Additionally, geese spirit animals also guide you to make choices that help you stay connected to your roots. They teach you to be grateful for your life and remember your humble beginnings.

It’s important to note that people with goose spirit animals can also have grim persistence to achieve their dreams and goals. It means they can ignore their friendships and other relationships in order to achieve success. People with the goose spirit animal usually possess the following traits.


People with geese spirit animals are usually protective, especially about their familial relationships. They can become extremely aggressive if someone threatens their family, just like geese.


Goose couples are extremely loyal to each other and people with this spirit animal also possess this characteristic.


Geese are amazing breeders and they can raise up to 40 goslings in a single season. Raising a large number of goslings gives the goose great joy. People who are guided by this spirit animal are also potent and fertile.


Geese make loud noises to express their emotions and spill their hearts. It also means that people with goose spirit animals have incredible communication skills. They’re eloquent and always have words to explain their feelings powerfully and clearly.

Vigilance and Observation

People with the goose power animal are great observers. They’re also vigilant and these characteristics allow them to adapt to difficult situations by noticing patterns clearly.

Goose Totem Animal

The goose totem animal represents the connection of people to their families. People who are born with a goose totem animal usually like to have large families. They’re fertile and feel a very strong desire to start a big family and watch their offspring grow happily.

While geese migrate every year, they come back to their nesting sites as well. So, people with the goose animal totem always remember their roots. It means that they always have a desire to return to their home no matter wherever life takes them.

Dreams About Goose and their Meaning

The following are the common goose dream scenarios along with their meaning.

Wild Goose Chase

If you see yourself in a dream chasing a wild goose, it means you’re after something in your life that isn’t worth it. Such a dream indicates that you’re in a relationship or following a goal that isn’t likely to end positively or provide you with fruitful results.

Flying Geese

Geese fly and cover long distances to migrate from one place to another in order to find a better place to live. It shows purposeful movement and the ability of the bird to have control over its life’s journey.

If you see flying geese in your dream, it could mean that you’ll need to travel from one place to another to achieve your goals and success. It also shows that you will likely move with your family instead of traveling alone.

Aggressive Goose

Having a dream in which you see an aggressive goose running toward you or chasing you away is not a good sign. It typically means that there is someone in your personal or professional life who can deceive you.

It can also mean that something or someone is a real threat to your independence and well-being. Therefore, you should address this issue as soon as possible after having such a dream. Think of a person or place that makes you feel uncomfortable and try to get rid of them.

Catching a Goose

Dreaming about catching a goose using your hands indicates that you’re being over-possessive. You should give some space to your family and stop thinking that they are always experiencing difficulties and dangerous situations.

Dead Goose

Dreaming about a dead goose isn’t a bad sign. It only means that you’re exhausted and need to take a break. The best way to deal with such a situation is to embark on a family vacation to relax.

Goose Nesting

Having a dream of goose nesting is a beautiful sign. It could mean that you’ll soon start a family and a child will come into your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do geese mean prophetically?

The prophetic symbolism of geese is the relationship with the Holy Spirit in a very similar way to Doves. They can prophesies a change of plans coming soon just as the Holy Spirit has done to many people in the bible.

What does it mean when you see a lot of geese flying?

If you see a lot of geese flying it may be a sign of needing to stay close to your friends, family or support group during a time of change of upheaval. Doing so can ensure you take the right strides forward while also being protected.


The spiritual meaning of geese is associated with protectiveness, compassion, wealth, and loyalty. But it can also mean that there is something or something in your life that can be dangerous to your wellbeing.

In addition, it also shows devotion to achieving goals that can make people ignore their precious relationships. The best thing that you can do if you see a dream about a goose or encounter one in real life is to pay attention to your relationships and listen to your loved ones.

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Hello my name is Angela I'm the only one my neighbors geese walk toward me sqwawking like they are trying to tell me something should I be worried?my husband even notices it he says the only time they act this way is when they see me