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Grasshopper Symbolism: The Spiritual Meaning of Grasshoppers

Grasshopper Symbolism: The Spiritual Meaning of Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are everywhere, yet we still get intrigued when we see them. 

Most people remember summertime when spending the season outdoors and in small scenic towns are a thing. Others find their acoustic ability fascinating. But there’s more to these insects than meets the eye. 

Grasshoppers convey spiritual meanings and symbolize abundance, luck, faith, fertility, intuition, strength, freedom, resilience, and new beginnings. Find out more about what grasshoppers mean in the spiritual realm. 

What Do Grasshoppers Symbolize? 

Grasshoppers are often compared with their cousins, the locusts. However, grasshoppers are significantly different from locusts in terms of their physical features, behavior, and impact on human history. 

Grasshoppers are considered less destructive and more friendly than locusts. For that reason, they primarily represent positive symbols which include the following:

Grasshopper as a Symbol of Good Fortune

It is widely known that grasshoppers bring abundance and good luck to households or anyone who encounters them. Unlike the locusts, grasshoppers don’t often cause harm on farms. Instead, they symbolize good harvest and are often linked to incoming wealth. 

Grasshopper as a Symbol of Faith 

The phrase “take a leap of faith” bears a direct association with grasshoppers mainly because they are one of the few insects that hop incredibly high. Therefore, seeing a grasshopper should remind you to trust the universe’s plans and favor.  

Grasshopper as a Symbol of Fertility

Grasshoppers produce many offspring, especially during summer and fall. So once you spot a grasshopper in your yard, you can expect to see more during these seasons. With that, grasshoppers uphold the symbolism of fertility. 

Grasshopper as a Symbol of Intuition 

Encountering a grasshopper is a clear reminder that your should trust your instincts. Grasshoppers are known to rely on their intuition and sensitivity. They convey that an instinct is a gift you should explore and develop.

Grasshopper as a Symbol of Strength

It’s fascinating to witness grasshoppers leap, mainly because they are so agile. Within their tiny legs lies a formidable strength that allows them to survive in places filled with predators. 

Grasshopper as a Symbol of Freedom

The ability of grasshoppers to leap forward comes with freedom. As a symbol, grasshoppers represent freedom from past hurts and the ability to chase progress and personal growth without restrictions. 

Grasshopper as a Symbol of Resilience

Grasshoppers have been around for over 250 million years – one of the oldest creatures to survive various catastrophic changes on the planet. That is why they uphold the symbol of resilience, physically and spiritually.  

Grasshopper as a Symbol of Fresh Start

Exploring new paths can be scary, but they also bring new opportunities. Grasshoppers are known explorers and symbolize new beginnings, especially for those looking to reset their life’s direction. 

Grasshopper as a Totem Animal

Having a grasshopper as a totem means you most likely have a musical gift and high intuition, which allows you to examine situations and lead them to your advantage. 

Whether staying away from harm or taking on opportunities that others don’t readily perceive, listening to your inner voice brings fortune to you and those around you. 

Additionally, trusting your instincts and allowing the grasshopper to guide you can lead you to your soulmate. However, you must be cautious about negative tendencies that can blow up your chances for a good life and relationship, such as laziness and arrogance. 

Stick to the good side of your gift, and you’ll eventually find yourself living the life you’ve dreamed of. 

Grasshopper as a Spirit Animal

While grasshoppers often symbolize positive qualities and opportunities in life, as a spirit animal, they will tell you that such fruits come with risk-taking, faith, and adapting to change. 

Grasshoppers have mastered blending in with their environment through camouflaging. Their green color allows them to disappear and hide in grassy areas in a very similar way to the praying mantis. This ability increases their survival even as solitary creatures. 

However, you have to develop adaptations over time, and you can certainly do so if you follow the guidance of your spirit animal.

Spiritual Meaning of Grasshoppers in Religions

You’d be surprised how grasshoppers appear many times in the teachings of the bible and Buddhist principles. Depending on how you interpret their presence, their spiritual meaning often ties in with wisdom and ambivalence. 

Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning in Christianity

In the bible, grasshoppers were mentioned as representations of small people against stronger and more powerful enemies. 

For example, in Isaiah 40:22, it says, “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in”

This passage says that people who are powerless and weaker than others should have more faith and trust in God as He is on their side. 

Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning in Buddhism 

Buddhists consider grasshoppers sacred because they represent the beginning and end. Plus, they bring luck in following the right direction. Otherwise, they could bring misfortune.

You may see grasshoppers painted in ancient Buddhist paintings and literature. However, their value in Buddhism remains unwavering, that monks and even the Dalai Lama wear robes decorated with grasshoppers.  

Cultural Significance of Grasshoppers

Since grasshoppers are found anywhere in the world, people have developed a strong sense of familiarity and associated various cultural references with them. What’s interesting, however, is despite cultures being spread out by miles of distance, they still share a similar cultural symbolism toward this fascinating insect. 

Grasshopper Symbolism in Native Americans

As with other cultures, grasshoppers are seen as positive symbols of life among Native Americans. 

For one, they are considered bearers of good news. They convey the message that opportunities and abundance are just around the corner – all you need to do is take a leap moving forward in their direction. 

Grasshopper Symbolism in Greek Culture

The Greeks also see grasshoppers as bearers of good luck. But they also represent class and nobility, as told in the mythology of Tithonus and Eos, where Tithonus turned into a grasshopper out of Eos’ frustration. The story also symbolizes the immortality of grasshoppers.

On the other hand, one of Aesop’s most famous fable, “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” highlights the difference between how both creatures prepare for winter. 

While the ants worked hard during summer to store food, the grasshopper chose to be merry, eat, and sleep all season long, which led to much suffering when winter came. In this story, grasshoppers represented lazy and frivolous spenders.  

Learn more about the spiritual meaning of ants and the symbols they represent. 

Grasshopper Symbolism in Chinese Culture

In the Chinese culture, grasshoppers and crickets bring good luck and happy marriage, which is why they often incorporate these insects in wedding cards and even during the matchmaking process (remember Mulan’s cricket). 

Both insects are believed to lead the couple to harmony and inspire the bride to be patient and stay faithful in the union. 

Grasshopper Dream Meaning

Generally, dreaming about grasshoppers suggest that an opportunity or potential issue is coming in your life. It could range from a minor inconvenience to a life-changing situation. But since the grasshopper brings positive energy, you will deal with these issues with all the help you can get.

Catching a Grasshopper

To dream of catching a grasshopper means you’re about to reach your goal. But with progress on the way, you opt to be more careful not to make mistakes that can overturn your success.

Eating a Grasshopper

When you see yourself eating a grasshopper in your dream, be prepared for any challenges in your career or workplace. Screen the people you trust and can rely on when coping with these issues.

Hearing a Grasshopper

To hear a grasshopper in your dream means you may experience stress or even danger in the coming days. So prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Don’t let your confidence be shaken by listening to your inner voice.

Talking Grasshopper

It’s unusual and somewhat whimsical to dream of a talking grasshopper. But don’t be fooled, as it suggests your vulnerability and sensitivity. Plus, you may be feeling empty and longing for someone or some sort of the change in your life.


To take grasshoppers as a spiritual guide means trusting your instincts and listening to your inner voice. Don’t take a blind eye to the message of the universe, especially if brought about by your spirit animal, the grasshopper. Instead, learn to adapt to change and productively apply your sensitivity.