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What is the spiritual meaning of lavender?

What is the spiritual meaning of lavender?

Picking flowers, walking through gardens, growing your plants, collecting oils, or just using the best herbal remedies are things that we all need to do to revive our spirits. Lavender is most likely to be the first oil that you know, the favorite flower you see growing in meadows, and one that you can encounter anywhere in the world. It is only natural to start wondering what the spiritual meaning of lavender is. 

The spiritual meaning of lavender is one of purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness the flower brings about it the knowledge that you are on the right path. In moments of chaos, lavender can still the heart and calm the spirit making the path to a clearer solution much easier to find. Further, the purple coloring of the flower is closely related to royalty and regality, usually showing up around those who are meant for something greater. 

While the spiritual meaning of lavender is easy to understand there are many more meanings to the flower that you need to learn. The signs that the flower has been different than the spiritual meaning, with healing properties that set it apart from the rest. Each facet of lavender should be understood and used to its full degree, as not doing so means that you are missing some amazing benefits to your life. 

What is the meaning of lavender?

The strongest meaning of lavender in the world around us is one of loyalty and devotion when you receive it from a friend it means they trust you. Or if you see lavender stalks around something or a statue it can mean that people are devoted to that. Many times, you will find lavender planted in churches and graveyards specifically to show the devotion loved ones have to those who have passed.

If you are planning to show your trust, devotion, and love to someone making lavender a large part of a bundle of flowers will show this. Many times, you will see that lavender is used in everyday flower bundles because of the love and devotion you would show to people you are giving the flower to. Not to mention, the flower has a beautiful purple that can go from light to darker shades that compliments any winter flower. 

In the ancient world, lavender was often used when cleaning clothes, as the strong scent from the flower meant that it was effective in keeping things smelling amazing. This is why lavender can be seen in many bathhouses and is often the flower of choice to represent that something is clean. In the ancient world, lavender was highly prized and grown specifically because it was such a useful flower to have. 

What is lavender a sign of?

When you see a lavender stalk unexpectedly or are surprised by a bushel of lavender stalks, the flower has appeared to you as a sign that something luxurious is about to happen to you, or that you are about to receive a secret message. If you are encountering lavender as an unexpected sign you should be aware of secrete signs or signals that may be hiding away from you. 

Further, if you see someone that has lavender on them, or has small signs of lavender around them it is a secret sign of royalty, either royalty lost or royalty hidden. While exploring the wider world you may even encounter structures that have lavender stalks carved into them, these are signs that you are entering a place where royalty once was. Or even that you are entering a place that holds secrets that need to be revealed. 

Using lavender in your own home is a good way to show that you are growing stronger with yourself and that you are bringing in some of the more refined things in life. This is usually the first time you will feel at peace in your home as well, as you become more relaxed being within the four walls where you feel safe. Combining lavender with other flowers will increase the meaning of the signs they have, improving the influence that each has on your life. 

What are the healing properties of lavender?

The spiritual meaning and the signs that lavender gives off are all easy to understand and remember, but the trick to using all flowers to their full potential is their healing properties. Many times, if you make a concentrate with the flower, have the essential oil or, even burn dried out flowers they can have a lot of health benefits. 

Remembering what these are for each flower on the other can be a big challenge, and lavender has many benefits that can help you feel relaxed, ready, and wanting more from life. This is why you should be ready to use the flower to its full potential when you are getting ready to enter the world of oils. Just having the flower in a room can have positive effects, with the scents and images that it brings helping you to reach mental peace. 

It may seem odd but the relaxing effects that the flower has on you mentally means that you will be able to easily fall asleep when you need to. This is why you should have some lavender in your room when you know you have bouts of suffering from insomnia. Just a few deep breaths, clearing the mind, and relaxing could help while using the oil in a bath bomb could have longer-lasting effects. 
Mental HealthThe presence of lavender in your garden, in your home, and in the scents that you wear will have a benefit for your overall mental health. As just knowing that it is there ready to support you as needed, doing what it has always done will ensure that your overall mental health is always improving. 
AnxietyThe scent of the oils, the feel of the flowers, and the bright vivid color of lavender have an intensely relaxing effect on your mind. This means that you can easily relax and let go of the anxiety that fills your heart when you need to concentrate on life. 
Skin irritationRashes and irritated skin across your body can seem impossible to handle, however, if you are dabbing with the right mixtures of oils then they can disappear. Using lavender oil is a great way to ensure that your skin is no longer irritated or being inflamed by unwanted things. 
DepressionAs the mind relaxes, letting go of anxiety, getting over insomnia, and becoming healthier the ability to fight off depression drastically increases. Lavender has this effect along with a mixture of other oils and fragrances, over a long time. However, it should be noted that it can take some time to be effective, and seeking professional help to boost the lavender will always be best. 
HeadachesHeadaches are a pain to deal with, but the right sharp scent and can almost disappear in an instant. Lavender in your bathwater or just a few drops in a steamer will allow your head to clear and work against the headache that can make your entire day a nightmare.
AcneAcne is a difficult thing to fight, and sometimes you need to dry out your skin while other times you need to work towards getting your skin a bit more oiled and cleaned. Lavender oils can help in doing this if used with the right mixture of soap, dabbing oils onto your acne will do nothing but inflame them.


Lavender is a wonderful and beautiful flower that can easily make your entire life a much better situation, which is why it should always be headed as a sign. Spiritually it is important and vital to ensuring that your life is about to take a few interesting turns that you may not expect. Always heading the signs of lavender should be important. 

Getting the signs and uses the right of all flowers is a challenge, but lavender will always be a good way of ensuring you are healthy and happy!