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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Pigeons?

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Pigeons?

Many animals have significant meanings in the spiritual world, each of which will rarely appear to even the wildest at heart people. However, pigeons are often overlooked for the meaning that they can provide to those looking for spiritual enlightenment. 

Pigeons represent love, fertility, prosperity, fortune, luck, and transformation for your spiritual being, allowing you to accomplish more in these areas. The pigeon also represents persistence, harmony, well-being, mercy, forgiveness, and freedom no matter how you encounter them. 

You must understand just how the pigeon will affect your spiritual well-being and when you may encounter them. Many people have started dismissing pigeons because the bird is one of the most common birds globally, but this can lead to missing vital signs.

What Does It Mean When a Pigeon Comes to You?

Generally, when a pigeon shows interest in you, several types of blessings come your way. Knowing which blessings are heading your way can be a bit troublesome, which is why you will need to identify how the pigeon is coming towards you. 

If a pigeon is approaching you on the street, at home, or anywhere else you can physically touch them, you will usually be visited by love, good fortune, or one of the more common blessings. This is part of the belief that a bird pooping on your head means good luck because it will usually be a pigeon. 

Further, we know that many people will see pigeons while meditating or dreaming; however, it means that the blessings will follow when this does happen. The pigeon in spirituality does deliver many good blessings but will also be there to tell you that blessings from other animals are on the way. 

What Does the Pigeon Symbolize?

Knowing what the pigeon means in every different type of way that you can encounter them will significantly help ensure that you are ready. There is a lot of meaning that you can find when you start looking at how the pigeon may appear to you and what it will mean depending on your own beliefs. 

We need to take a look at each facet of the pigeon and how it will affect what it means when it appears to you in that manner. There are different meanings to each one, and learning what they are will significantly benefit your overall spiritual understanding of the pigeon. 

Pigeons In Religion

In the Christian religion, pigeons were most often used as an offering to abolish sin or as a public burnt offering. While in Hinduism, the pigeon is greatly revered and is fed by most temples that follow the religion, where hurting the animals is seen as causing lousy karma. 

All religions have the pigeon as a divine messenger or a part of a holy spirit, with the pigeons either being protected or used as offerings. You will need to understand how the pigeon has been seen in your religion to decide what it means when one comes to you accurately. 

Pigeons As A Totem Animal

As a totem animal, the pigeon will enter when you have been giving too much of yourself to others while receiving only pain. They serve the purpose of restoring your faith in others and yourself, allowing you to take on the world with renewed energy. 

The pigeon will often appear just as you are losing faith in what others are capable of, it might be when you start to doubt in others, or it may be when you are at your lowest. Restoring your faith in others, when you most need to believe in them, the pigeon will be there as a totem animal.

Pigeons As A Spirit Guide

When encountering pigeons as a spirit guide, things can become quite confusing, with many people around the world getting confused when they encounter a pigeon for the first time. We always recommend that you consider how the pigeon is guiding you before accepting what they mean. 

As a spirit guide, the pigeon will be there to help you understand the decisions made by others and how they will affect your own life choices. When you are giving, loving, or just an empathic person, the pigeon will guide you spiritually towards making the decisions that you may find challenging to make. 

Dreams About Pigeons

If you start to encounter pigeons in your dreams, it can mean many things, everything from the holy spirit visiting you to your life encounters changing. Pigeons often visit those who need some guidance to be more forgiving of others that they may not understand properly. 

Many people dream of pigeons and assume that they are not being helped or choose to forget about the animal they have seen. This is a mistake as the pigeon is one of the most profound animals that can visit you while dreaming and offer more advice and blessings than most others. 

Seeing Pigeons When Meditating 

The most confusing way that you will encounter the pigeon is while meditating, as you will usually have to consider what you were heading towards. The pigeon will first and foremost tell you to be compassionate towards those around you while guiding you to what you need to know. 

Meditation is one of the best ways to learn what you need to do and what you need to say to those close to you. With many people seeing pigeons for the first time thinking that they will lead to more extensive or other animals that must be heeded, the pigeons are already there to bestow blessings. 

When Should You Seek Out Pigeons?

You should seek out pigeons for guidance and solace when you feel yourself becoming drained, usually when you no longer feel like the people around you value you. The pigeon can and will help you recharge, becoming more centered and ready to face the world you may not be ready for.

We usually think of the pigeon as an animal that will always be there, but when you are going through a tough time, you may find yourself looking for help. In these times, the pigeon should be something you are seeking out, hoping to find help from them. 

It can be a lot harder than you think to find the pigeon and get guidance from them simply because they are not always where you expect them to be. This is why you should always be aware of what pigeons are trying to tell you and how they will bless you when needed.


Pigeons are often overlooked simply because billions of them worldwide; however, we would always recommend that you heed their messages. These humble birds can deliver some of the strongest blessings and help you overcome many challenges.

Whatever you do, please don’t think that offering them will help; it’s not required to receive blessings anymore!