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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Seagulls: Symbolism and Signs

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Seagulls: Symbolism and Signs

One thing that is impossible to escape whenever you are going to any popular beach or ocean is the seagulls that will help the inevitable life there. However, few people know that seagulls have a deep spiritual meaning that needs to be understood and accepted to reach deeper enlightenment. 

As a spirit animal, the seagull will appear for only good reasons, usually indicating your resourcefulness, showing you that there are opportunities all around you. You should feel relieved when the seagull appears to you, as you can be assured that you will do much better in life once it appears. 

Understanding every facet of seagulls and how they will influence your spiritual well-being is important. We always recommend that people work through their meanings, trying to understand why the seagulls may have appeared to you and how they will influence your life overall. 

What Does the Seagull Symbolize?

Depending on where and how you see the seagull, it will have different meanings, requiring you to look at the world in different ways to understand them. We always recommend that people work to understand each facet of seagulls and their influence on you. 

The animal is often overlooked as a spirit guide or totem animal, as many people that see it are seeing them quite often. Seagulls are not animals that are hard to find once you start looking for them; unless you live quite far inland, you will be able to see seagulls almost everywhere. 

Seagulls In Dreams

Seagulls won’t appear for no reason in your dreams but will usually appear after you have had to face a difficult situation. The seagull is there to help you understand that you have handled the situation correctly, have done everything correctly, and got the best outcome. 

Often seagulls will appear whenever you are facing hard decisions in life or with work, with many people not always sure why the seagulls are even appearing. We have met many people who are not even aware that the seagulls are there to tell them that their work has been good. 

Seagulls As A Spirit Guide

As a spirit guide, seagulls often lead you down the path with the best possible opportunity, giving you the help you need to make the best decisions. The seagull will often appear to you when you have to face a difficult decision, helping you easily choose the best possible one. 

If you have the seagull as your spirit guide, you will be able to enjoy having a lot more guidance than you would normally have. The animal is not one to give up, and as a spirit animal, it will be the same, staying with you even when you actively make decisions against its advice. 

Seagulls As A Totem Animal

As a totem animal, the seagull influences you to know when you are looking at an opportunity; this may be an opportunity in business or life. Further, the seagull helps you turn unfavorable situations into something that can favor you, whether at home or in the office. 

We have seen several people with the seagull as their totem animal come out on top even when every sign out there points to them being in danger. Usually, those with the seagull totem animal will lead themselves and others into winning situations.

Seeing Seagulls While Meditating

Like dreams, when you see the seagull while meditating, it is a sign that you have made the best decisions in a conflict you have been involved in. Usually, you will find that the seagull appears right after you have won an unlikely victory or when your life has turned around. 

Unlike other spirit animals, the seagull does not always lend direct involvement to future situations instead of focusing on the past. By doing this, the animal hopes to let your mind be at peace over decisions that you may still feel conflicted about instead of allowing you to relax and move forwards. 

Seagulls In Visions

When you see seagulls in short bursts or visions, it can indicate where the best decision lies; it may come unexpectedly and without warning. You will usually find that the seagull is pushing you towards doing something that you may not have chosen otherwise, indicating where your true best decision is. 

We always recommend that people heed to call of visions, even if it makes little sense, as the spiritual world can interact with us in odd ways. Seagulls are often overlooked in visions as people assume that the animals will lead them to ruin instead of riches. 

Seagulls In The Real World

When encountering seagulls in the real world, they can have several important meanings for you, which all depend on where you are seeing them. When you live next to the ocean, you may need to accept that seagulls are a part of your everyday life, as they usually gather wherever there is food. 

However, when you are out to sea, you will usually see that seagulls are there to guide you in the right direction, helping you find safety. Further, if you are more inland, you will rarely ever see seagulls randomly appearing, creating a much deeper meaning than simply encountering them. 

Where Are You Most Likely to See Seagulls?

We know that seagulls are not animals that will appear to you, with many people not always aware of how rarely they may appear to you. We have seen several people that mistakenly ignore seagulls entirely when they encounter the bird in their dreams, visions, or the world around them.

However, seagulls are pretty easy to predict, and apart from a few select situations, they will almost always appear to you in one or two ways. This means that you are likely to encounter them in very controlled ways, allowing you to divine the meaning behind spotting them easily.


Most people who encounter seagulls will see them when they meditate or dream, which means that the bird will appear almost unexpectedly. You can dream of seagulls, have visions of them, have flashes, or find yourself suddenly guided by their spiritual beings. 

Few people with seagulls as their spirit guides or totem animals see the bird in their everyday lives. Further, we have seen several people that rarely see seagulls learn from experience that when they suddenly see one in their mind’s eye, they see something important. 

The World Around Us

You are very likely to encounter seagulls in the world around us, with many people seeing hundreds of seagulls throughout the week. Depending on your job and where you live, the likelihood of seeing seagulls changes drastically, with many people not always remembering this. 

The closer you are to the ocean, where seagulls live, the more likely you will see them, with the birds naturally nest here. Seagulls will rarely fly inland, only when they are extremely desperate, instead preferring to fly out to see in the food search. 


Seagulls are usually there to represent the success and good opportunities that you have recently accomplished. Helping you to feel the true peace and understanding of decisions or challenges that you have recently faced or had to overcome. 

Always remember, never feed a seagull; they can be surprisingly aggressive when given a chance.