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Snow Symbolism: The Spiritual Meaning of Snow

Snow Symbolism: The Spiritual Meaning of Snow

Nothing says winter, like a blanket of snow on the yard and trees. But more than the cooler temperature, which sometimes comes with a gloomy atmosphere, snow brings all sorts of symbolism. 

Snow carries the spiritual meanings of peace, purity, calmness, death, rebirth, uniqueness, and abundance. In some cases, it also brings negative emotions and even death. However, to interpret the message of snow, you’ll have to look closely into different aspects of your life. 

Feeling an energetic pull towards snow? Find out the underlying meanings in this article. 

What Does Snow Symbolize?

Many elements of the snow come to play when understanding its spiritual meanings. These include its formation, color, nature, and timing. 

Snow as a Symbol of Calmness and Peace

Snow can remind you to stay still, keep calm and relax. When winter comes, the coldness of snow will force you to slow down as it is physically demanding to go against the tide of low temperature. Plus, snow is something you can’t control, providing an opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of the world and reflect in peace. 

Snow as a symbol of Cleanliness and Purity

White symbolizes purity and innocence, so snow is often associated with these values. During winter, everything covered with snow appears to be a blank canvas. Likewise, snow, as crystallized water, is one of nature’s purest elements.    

Snowflake as a Symbol of Individuality and Uniqueness

It is fascinating to see snowflakes falling from the sky. They may be flaky, but every single one is intricately formed under the microscope. So, it’s no surprise that snow also symbolizes uniqueness.

If you see a snowflake, let it remind you that you are one of a kind, and your existence adds value to this world. Appreciate and love yourself.

Snowflake as a Symbol of Facade and Secrets

During winter, even eyesores go underneath the snow. That’s why you shouldn’t turn a blind eye and assume that everything you see is the real deal. But surely, the truth will come out just like how things show what’s underneath when the snow melts. 

Snowflake as a Symbol of Death and Rebirth

The cold season signals the start of hibernation in the wild. There’s also a gloomy vibe because the sun shows up less. That’s why snow is also associated with death. However, after the snow melts, a new season begins, which brings the message of rebirth. 

Snow speaks that no matter how sad the ending of a cycle is, a fresh start also awaits. The sun will rise soon, you just have to be patient.

Spiritual Meaning of Snow in Religions

Many religions recognize the high value of water in cleansing impurities and survival. As snow is a solidified form of water, it also carries the same wisdom. So, here are a few symbols of snow in different religions.

Christian Culture

In Christianity, purity and freedom from sin are what snow represents. 

In the Bible, snow was used as an analogy for purity: Psalm 51:7: “Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” It says that repentance makes a sinner new and fresh. In the same way, turning back from sins and following Christ also makes believers pure. 

Muslim Culture

In Islam, snow is often interpreted in dreams. Mohammed bin Sirin, a dream interpreter for Islam, says seeing snow in dreams means sorrow and loneliness, problems and turmoil. But it could mean profit or curing of diseases, and if you see snow and fire in one place, that could also mean love, passion, and relationship.

Cultural Significance of Snow

In the western part of the world, snow is often associated with white Christmas. It’s the yuletide season when people start preparing and decorating for the holidays. But there is more snow than its commercial connection. In many ancient cultures, snow bears significant meanings.

Celtic Culture

For Celts, the winter and summer seasons are associated with two mythical beings, Holly King and Oak King, who fight in a battle every year. When Holly King wins, winter begins, and people hang holly leaves, also known as mistletoe, to pay respect to him. A holly or mistletoe is used to ward off evil spirits during winter, when the weather is harsher. The leaves are considered a symbol of hope and resilience.

Norse Mythology

In Norse lore, they have Fimbulwinter, who is a harbinger of death. Fimbulwinter is called the “great winter”. It has a three-year period of blizzards and heavy snow, a sign of Ragnarok or the apocalypse of gods and humanity. This was greatly associated with the eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia, which caused a relatively colder summer worldwide in 1816. 

Native American Culture

Native Americans believe snow has sacred gifts and a powerful source of magical energy from the moon’s tears. It also means faith and rejuvenation. As a critical part of the winter solstice, it also shares the symbol of passing time marked by rituals involving dances and chants. 

Chinese Culture

Snow is considered the breath of dragons in China. It represents good fortune, beauty, and mystery. On top of that, winter is closely associated with water, an essential element of feng shui, and bears the meaning of inner wisdom. 

That said, winter is the best time to rest, recuperate, and plan your dreams to be ready for spring and to start anew. 

Snow Dream Meaning

Seeing snow in your dreams can be interpreted in different ways. It can demand awakening, warnings, or reminders of things you must focus on in your waking and spiritual life. 


Snow falling in the sky could mean growth and abundance. You may receive good news in the following days at work or within your family. 

On the other hand, it should also remind you of your spiritual and physical journey. Focus on aspects of your life that you want to improve.

Melting Snow 

When the snow heaps are starting to melt in your dreams, it means that your dark phase is finished. Whatever problems you have faced along the way are gone. It is now time to take profound and fulfilling opportunities.

Walking in a Snowy Mountain

If you see yourself hiking with your partner in a snowy mountain, this predicts problems in your relationship in the future. To avoid conflict, be careful and slow to react in whatever fights that may resurface. 

After all, a calm conversation will likely help you solve conflicts rather than showing hostility toward each other. 

Seeing a Snowflake

Dreaming of snowflakes affirms that you must brave the challenges in your life. It also reassures you that you have nothing to worry about as the changes ahead will bring you positive and exciting outcomes. So, instead of worrying, be eager and stay inspired. 

Staying in during Snowfall

A dream where you refuse to go out during snowfall means you keep making excuses instead of moving forward with your goals. This sign gives you awareness to start making conscious decisions and efforts in your way of living.

Shovelling Snow

If you feel stuck, shoveling snow in your dreams is God’s way of reassuring you that your hard work is paying off. Also, you just need to be patient as you are making deliberate progress in your life. So, don’t be discouraged and give up. Success is on your way. 

Playing and Making a Snowman

Making a snowman with kids means God reminds you to nurture and let your childlike heart come out. It radiates purity, innocence, and respect.  Also, this means that you are happy and eager to create something new in your life.


Snow brings important messages into our lives. Even though it represents death and secrets, you can be reminded that endings are sad, but beginnings also lead to something beautiful and transformational. That being said, rebirth, peace, calmness, awakening, and abundance are on your way only if you are willing to do the work to unleash your uniqueness.