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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Sounds: Symbolism of Different Sounds

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Sounds: Symbolism of Different Sounds

Whether it’s nature’s mellifluous sound or the hush tones of your voice and breathing, sound as a whole sends different messages within the spiritual perspective. 

In plain hearing, it’s easy to take for granted the sounds we hear from around us. 

But if you recognize the symbols that a loss of these sounds bring, you can take part in the inherent spiritual guidance in this world.

Sounds represent expression altogether. It’s the channel for effective communication that brings peace, harmony, and beauty among the people. But perceiving the meaning of these sounds is not exclusive to the physical world. 

If you listen closely to the symphony of the waves, the patterns of insects and birds chirping, and your own vocal productions, you would be surprised how these sounds become channels for spiritual communications. 

What Do Sounds Symbolize Spiritually?

Within the spiritual realm, all sounds represent virtue and wisdom that could guide you in your life. 

In their physical sense, sounds are produced when objects vibrate, producing invisible movements in the air perceived by your ears. These vibrations carry energy that affects both physical and spiritual beings. 

If you recognize how these sounds resonate with your circumstances, you can get closer to your purpose and live life at par with the goodness of the world. 


The sea and ocean waves contribute to the melody of the earth. Waves, in general, represent the dynamicity of life. It symbolizes the changes, mainly the ups and downs, that make anyone’s existence more holistic. 

But when it comes to the sound of the waves, the most fitting symbolism has to be serenity and calm. 

Hearing the ocean triggers an atmosphere of relaxation inviting everyone who hears it to take a break and be at peace with nature. 

If you hear the sound of the waves out of nowhere, the spirits are probably telling you to pause for a while. 

Take a step back and cleanse your physical and spiritual body of impurities that cause stress and anxiety. 


If there’s one bodily function that affirms life, that would have to be breathing. 

New parents can sometimes get anxious about their newborns, worrying about whether they are okay or not. So it’s not uncommon catching a mother or a father trying to listen to their babies’ breathing just to check if they are still alive. 

With that, it’s crucial to understand that breathing symbolizes life first and foremost. 

Moreover, as life takes its true form within, the sound of your breath represents the power of the spirit. It is a constant reminder that we are one with the spirit hence telling us to recognize the messages around. 

Cricket Chirping

Crickets are known to bring good luck to your house. So, hearing them chirp symbolizes good fortune that is about to come. 

Unlike other animals, crickets have a unique way of producing their sounds. The noises they make are referred to as chirping, but the sound doesn’t really come from within. 

These cricket sounds are produced when they rub their front wings together. 

Only male crickets are able to do this, and the primary purpose is to find a mate. Therefore, cricket sounds also represent fertility. 

Bird Chirping

There is no doubt that birds are ancient channels of spirits in this world. That’s why they are often recognized as totems and spirits on their own. 

Most birds produce pleasant sounds when they chirp. Too pleasant that even humans take inspiration in how they produce melody and imitate their sounds using musical instruments. 

But beyond the beauty and harmony of their chirping comes the message of always being in tune with nature. 

Birds, in general, are believed to be messengers from the divine since they have access to both the sky and the ground. Therefore, when you hear birds chirping, it’s a call for peace and serenity that you can only find when you partake in the conservation of nature. 

On the other hand, the meaning behind bird sounds depends on the type of bird producing the tune. 

For example, if it’s a single cawing crow, then it represents destruction and misfortune that are on their way. Now, if it’s a dove gently vocalizing, it symbolizes the divine presence of God that brings reassurance during dark periods. 

Frog Croaking

When you hear a frog croaking, it could signify that rain is coming. Ancient civilizations like the Celts believed that rain becomes inevitable when frogs make some noise. 

And so, with this belief, the croaking frog also symbolizes abundance and fertility. Likewise, their presence can also be associated with healing and transformation. 

Human Voice

It is widely believed that the voice we have is not ours, to begin with. 

Individual voices are assigned and given as a symbol of freedom, allowing humans to communicate and form a relationship with the divine. 

However, the spirit also uses human voices to convey a message. 

But in most cases, the voices are channeled directly to the soul that it won’t have to pass the ears. At this point, the voice transforms into gut instincts. 

Nevertheless, the good and the evil spirits recognize the human voice. And with proper authority, the voice alone can drive evil spirits and befriend the benevolent ones. 

Sound Symbolism in Christianity

Christians show high regard for sound in their faith. This is why religious services and masses always have singing as a form of worship. 

Also, the sounds associated with Christianity hold a certain level of divinity and gentleness. 

For example, in Catholicism, it is believed that as devoted followers of Christ sing on earth, so as the choirs of angels in heaven. 

On the other hand, breathing sounds represent not just human life but the very Author of Life as well. Therefore, it is said that listening to breathing is at par with listening to God. 

Sound Symbolism in Hinduism

In Hinduism, producing the right sound is crucial for proper meditation. Chanting is part of the rituals and practices in Hinduism. 

Reciting a mantra serves various purposes. For example, when doing yoga, your instructor would tell you to speak Om as you begin and end the session. 

Om, which sounds like AUM, is considered the sound of the universe. By saying it correctly, you recognize your connection to nature and other living beings. You become one with life in its true form.


It’s hard to ignore sounds that are on high volumes around you. When the sound turns into noise, getting as far from its source as possible is a typical reaction. 

However, it is crucial to evaluate the sources of the sound. For example, if they are coming straight from nature, it is best to grasp their message first. 

You see, like any other stimulants of senses (tactile, sight, taste, and smell), sounds don’t just randomly appear out of nowhere. 

Oftentimes, they are set up as a reminder or warning. However, only those who are well-versed with their meaning grasps the true meaning of the sounds. 

Luckily, as you’ve gone through the entire detail, you now have a piece of knowledge or two about the symbolism of the different sounds.  


Saturday 15th of July 2023

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