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What is the spiritual meaning of a triangle: symbolism and meanings?

What is the spiritual meaning of a triangle: symbolism and meanings?

Whether you are entering the world of symbolism, spiritualism, religion, or just the sciences there is one shape that makes its presence known. The triangle has been a part of our culture for eons and understanding all the meanings we have placed in it can lead to enlightenment in many ways that you may not expect. 

The triangle has always been significant, showing strength, representing a deity, marking points of power, and giving signs of warning. Each religion has different meanings and ways of interpreting triangles, with the spiritual meanings being significantly different for each. Triangles have always had strong meanings and their influence can be felt in every society on earth. 

Understanding how some of the largest religions on earth, as well as jus structural designs and sciences, have accepted and adopted triangles is an important part of your spiritual journey. I have had many experiences with triangles and the effect they can have on the mood of a place should never be underestimated. 

When were triangles first introduced?

To understand what a triangle is we need to look at where they were originally from, with many of the triangles we see in our daily lives not always being placed there for structural reasons. Before modern technology, it was extremely difficult to build with triangles, with builders preferring arches or square shapes. However, you will still see triangles in many structures. 

The oldest evidence of triangles we can see in the modern world are the Pyramids, with many spiritual meanings placed behind the shape of pyramids, focusing power to the center in the most efficient way. Asian culture has many triangles as well, with both Hinduism and Buddhism focusing on the three points of power on the body. The exact age of the first usage of triangles cannot be calculated, as it has been a shape that has traveled with humanity since the start. 

Triangles have always been the best way to symbolize three points of power, and even the Greeks and Romans had triangles in many of their religious aspects. Some of the Greek gods had triangles integrated into their designs with many having symbols of power shown through some type of triangle formation. 

How do spiritualism and triangles work together?

On our journey to understand triangles we need to look at what it means for us spiritually, in every way that our ancestors have used triangles through the ages. At their most basic triangles will represent a merging of our spiritual and earthly realms, showing that a triumvirate god is present. This means that a god of three parts is being shown and that a place of power is being shown, usually through a triangle shape. 

For the spirit, this means that you are either in a place where you can concentrate or that a journey is about to be undertaken. Further, triangles seen in the stars and mimicked through buildings is a good way to create a place that is clean and should be understood that is a place of great spiritual importance. In our daily lives, triangles can mean a lot but will also show you what signs you should be looking for. 

Many people believe that triangles will be a guide towards a deity, showing you a path towards enlightenment. It is important that when you are told to focus on yourself it will be in threes, usually being mind, body, and spirit, past, present, and future or, birth, death, and growth. 

How do triangles change our everyday lives?

When you are focusing your spirit, or just your mind, you may be working with triangles, however, you will rarely find your full enlightenment at that moment. You must learn to recognize triangles in our daily lives, knowing when we are experiencing things in a triangle. People around the world will notice that things happen in the same rhythm, this is when you need to look at triangles and the effect they have on your life. 

The spiritual impact of triangles is everywhere when you know how to look for it, however, it can be a challenge seeing exactly what they. Some of the most challenging things you can experience will be influenced by the type of energy you are allowing into your life. Understanding which triangles will be positive and where you are likely to encounter them can make a massive change in the way you are experiencing life. 

The symbols we see.

The easiest way to see triangles in our daily lives is when we start looking at the shapes around us, from the rooves over our heads to the signs of our emergency services, triangles are everywhere. Sometimes people new to the world of symbolism will mistakenly think that all triangles are good, however, this is not the case. 

It is vital that you do not allow all triangles into your life, moving away from triangles that have been marked spiritually negative. There are triangles that are important to your wellbeing, these will be seen on older structures, with medical signs usually having a triangle that shows strength in three parts. While certain states’ houses or government buildings can have triangles with lines and circles in them, these are Illuminati triangles that should be avoided. 

The things we experience.

This is the most vital way triangles affect our lives, usually, we will be experiencing things in three parts, with a common thing we will all know is loss comes in threes. However, we can experience love in three parts throughout our lives, enjoy things in three parts, and have three parts to our careers. 

Triangles make up each of these and experiencing every part fully will build the triangles in a proper way that can make a massive difference in our lives. I have experienced many goals set out in three parts, with the most important triangle in my life being that of personal growth, with friends and family. 

The feelings we experience.

Probably the most important part where everyone experiences triangles in their lives will be with our emotions. It may be as simple as the daily things where we can see the effects of triangles on our lives, but more likely will be with larger, stronger emotions that we feel. Something as common day as your love will be affected by the trinity, the triangles that life goes through. 

For love usually has three parts, love of the body, love of the mind, and love of the soul, each of which needs to be there. Creating a triangle in which you will find that you are truly in love with someone, or you may find yourself in the much more negative emotional triangle that some experience. 

What are the theological implications of triangles?

For theology, triangles have always been an interesting thing to study, as triangles have always been clear signs of the divine. Many gods around the world have representation built around the shape of the triangle with many Western beliefs going with the triumvirate god, who is three parts, usually the holy spirit, the son, and God. 

However, if we move away from this to Buddhism and Hinduism, the triangle is used in a lot more creative ways. With many of the gods relying on the triangle to either indicate that a location is spiritually focused, or that they are part of a larger being. Some of the most complex temples in the world will have a triangle shape, with many having triangles in their doorframes. 

When moving away from the deities of each religion, the triangle can be a part of focusing on oneself as a part of the religion. Buddhism has each point of focus within oneself set up as three points, with the Buddhist triangle situated in your wrist, namely Lung 9, Pericardium 6, and heart 7, which can decrease anxiety if you understand them properly. 

Where do triangles appear in the religions?

Each religion on earth has some influence from triangles, either with their deities, their focus points, or the power structures that they rely on. Triangles can be used to show the opposite of the religion as well, with some of the most important parts of the world of triangles appearing here. Understanding how triangles have been used is vital to know how it affects you spiritually because the religious views you hold can play a heavy part in how you view the triangle. 

There are many religions across the world, and I know that not everyone may have grown up with any of them, which is why we will be looking at the three that rely heavily on the triangle in some way. These religions are the ones that have either built some part of their beliefs on the triangle and as such have found a deeply spiritual part of the universe. 

Christianity and three parts

A core part of Christianity, especially Catholics, is the three parts, comprised of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This is where many people think that it stops, however, many of the bad omens talked about in the bible are represented by triangles, usually coming in threes, or taking three days to happen. 

One of the core signs of satanism is the upside triangle with a circle in it, which is also how the Illuminati identifies each other. The Christian faith is not the oldest religion, but it has been followed for a long time, and as such many buildings around the world have been influenced by religion. Triangles are used as part of many churches, to make them look larger and give faulted ceilings to create the feeling of grandness. 

However, it is important to remember that with Christianity it is not custom to rely on physical symbols as protection or places of power. What this means for the triangle is that it may be used as a sign to show serenity, or represent the triumvirate, it is not used directly in the religion to create places of power without something else being present. 

Hinduism with their Yantras

Hinduism has a much different approach to triangles and how they are used within the religion, usually with many other ways than they would be in even spiritualism. Yantras are mystical diagrams that are used to worship a deity, with places of power like temples having several different yantras inlaid into the ground. 

When I visited an Indian temple in 2019 the floors, many of the doors, and what I was allowed to see inside of the temple had several triangles built right into them. This is a vital part of worship for Hinduism and knowing what a typical Yantra looks like helped me identify what certain buildings were while I was walking through the streets. 

Yantras can be found in many places in different forms, on prayer mats all the way to phone wallpapers. Typically, an upside-down triangle on a yantra will represent a feminine deity, while a normal triangle will represent a more masculine deity. Hinduism is a core part of what has created so much mysticism around the triangle shape. 

Buddhism and the triangles

Buddhism is the only religion we will talk about that does not use triangles to symbolize their deity’s, instead, it depends on triangles in many other ways. Triangles are more likely to represent something in Buddhism than it is to show the influence of a deity or that a place has any specific powers. The most obvious use of triangles being the one we mentioned earlier, for the Buddhism triangle being the spots on your wrist. 

However, we also get the eye in the triangle from Buddhism, combined with the Three Poisons of Buddhism, and the three universal truths we can see that Buddhism relies more on triangles to show signs. Triangles are not used to worship anyone deity in Buddhism but used to teach lessons about life and understanding. This is why you may not always see triangles used all over the place in Buddhism, usually relying more on triangles to showcase other symbols of importance. 

The most vital difference you will experience with Buddhism is that it is more spiritually connected to the self. Focusing on meditation to overcome inner challenges and growing to become a better person. Meditation and understanding the universe is the only way of becoming a better being through Buddhism, which is why the focus is less on triangles and the ways you must believe in them and more on understanding the way the world works.

How have triangles affected the structural world that we see?

While spiritually triangles show signs of important places and locations of power, triangles have been used in some parts of construction since the very first things were built. The most basic structures are usually triangle-shaped, even huts will have the outline of a triangle in some way. However, these are built in the shape of triangles for any other reason than convenience. 

Triangles are used in construction because of their strength, however, in ages past, this was not the same and triangles were used in many other ways. Knowing what the purpose was of using triangular shapes and how they have affected the societies built around them is vital to understanding the strength of triangles in our world.

Ancient Structures and their meaning

Many structures around the world have used triangles, even before we knew how to do proper math’s we knew that triangles had a spiritual significance. The most prominent ancient structures of these are the pyramids, which were built for many reasons and contain some of the most spiritually significant influences in the world. 

What is important to remember about the pyramids is that they are built to align with Orion’s Belt, a significant star system in the northern hemisphere. How this affected the spiritual worlds can be a challenge to understand and seeing how the stars align with construction pieces-built thousands of years ago is amazing. However, the Egyptians were not the only ones to use pyramids or even triangles in their buildings. 

If you take a look at any Greek ancient building or models built after the designs they left behind you will see a similarity between them. There are triangles incorporated into the doorways with the rooves of these buildings containing large triangles as well. In these triangles, you will find depictions of great heroic moments, and the gods that Greeks and Romans worshipped. 

Modern Structural Integrity

In the modern world, triangles are much easier to understand, with many of the best construction pieces from around the world relying on triangles. This is why you should be more careful about receiving signs from triangles, as it is now used to support most structures that we have built. From the rooves over our heads to the giant skyscrapers that are almost impossibly high. 

Triangles entered modern construction once computer systems were built to enable us to accurately build structures with the shape. Creating structures that are not always spiritually significant, while also allowing us to build glass pyramids in Paris. The Eiffel tower itself stands as a testament to the power that the shape holds, being built in a time when even the best engineers in the world claimed that it was impossible to do it. 

This is why many people need to ensure they are receiving the right signs when they are looking for a guide on what to do. While triangles are significantly spiritually important, not all of the triangles we see in our daily lives are built with spirituality in mind. Most of the time triangles are only used because they are the strongest shapes that the builders could use. 

Triangles as a sign in structures

While triangles are built everywhere because they are strong, there are moments and locations in the modern world where they are there for signs as well. Other spiritualists have worked to show places of power through triangles while religious motivations have also been used to include triangles in buildings where necessary. 

A common thing you may see in the United States are pyramid shapes built into buildings of importance or even buildings shaped like the classic Roman and Greek architecture. Many people believe signs of the three masons and Illuminati are spread throughout the western world. There are many locations you can actively visit to see the influence these groups have had. 

As for spiritualism being built into modern buildings, you may find more spiritual design influence in Eastern cultures. Things like Japanese temples that are always pyramid-shaped or burial mounds that have pyramids built on them in Asia are clear signs of places of power and importance. The only true way to understand the significance that these areas have is to visit them and feel the spirituality that you will find there. 

What are the most common triangles you will see in the modern world?

While there are many spiritual triangles you may see, and there are many religious triangles you can find when you look for them, there are other triangles that you will see in the world. As people have explored the spiritual world, gathered more information, and experienced what the world is there are more triangles that you need to know about.

These triangles may not always be what you expect and recognizing them early on may mean you find more people to talk to about your spiritual journey. Other times it may simply mean that you can find advice on what to do if you find yourself stuck on your journey, unable to continue onwards. 

  • Elemental Triangles: The elemental triangles are meant to represent the four most common elements and the meanings behind them. Air is a normal triangle with a line horizontally through it, the earth is an inverted triangle with a line through it, fire is a normal triangle, and water is a normal inverted triangle. 
  • Medical Triangle: The medical triangle is something you may encounter much more than any other triangle. Usually representing change and heat, it will be entwined with Hermes Staff, for healing. Many times, you can tell how much you can trust a medical facility by the type of triangle they will be using, as triangles are not always understood by those who have not studied medicine. 
  • Three Combined Triangle: A much more complicated set of triangles it represents a lot more than most other triangles you can see people have tattooed. Representing the Valknut, it is not yet fully understood what it means as it is usually seen on Germanic ruins and archeological findings. Many people have started to apply this tattoo to themselves if they feel closer to this area of the world. 
  • Penrose Triangle: Representing an impossible object, the Penrose triangle is used by many to show their complexity. Each person that uses the Penrose may find themselves applying different meanings to it with many of them finding their spiritual value to having the triangle either displayed or tattooed onto their bodies. 


There are many triangles in the world and understanding how they are all affecting the world around us and what they do is vital to becoming more spiritually free. Some of the best signs you can receive in life will be from triangles or the power that they give to you. Just knowing what the shapes around you mean and what they have meant in the past is already one step closer to becoming enlightened. 

Getting to the end of your journey may require that you are spiritually sound enough to not fail when pressure is applied.