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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Wasps? Wasp Symbolism and Secrets

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Wasps? Wasp Symbolism and Secrets

Many things in this world will tell us more than we have ever learned about ourselves, with the bugs we feel and see is the most profound. But, unfortunately, a lot of people have received apparent signs from wasps and bees, being unable to interpret them because of ignorance. 

Wasps represent being alone and that the things happening in your life are happening for a reason. Usually, wasps tell you that you will have to work to make your dreams come true and that you may have to accept that being accepting of everything in life is not okay.

As you learn more about the world of spirit animals, it becomes essential to note that you cannot simply accept the way things are. Many people learn through trials and tribulations that they will have to know each part of what a wasp means and represents to accept it. 

What Do Wasps Symbolize?

Commonly wasps symbolize a few things, depending on where you are in your life, with the most common being that you are independent, with unique ideas. Very few people genuinely expect to hear what the wasp has to say and are often left with a slight sting because of the information. 

Wasps can also symbolize that you are a lone person, working best when you tackle a project alone or left to do things your way. Which impacts the relationships people can have with wasps as their spiritual guides, usually erring on the slower side would be best. 

The other, more well-known side of wasps in the spiritual world is their tendency to fight, be extremely tough, and protect. So whether you are a wasp or one has appeared to you while meditating, challenging relationships, or watching others. 

What Are All the Religious Meanings of The Wasp?

Each religion has its meaning to wasps and can appear to us, with many religions holding specific meaning to them either appearing in a dream or real life. Therefore, understanding what the wasp will mean to you requires understanding how wasps have been interpreted by everyone else. 

We will focus on three places where the wasp is known to appear as either a sign, a messenger, or simply as a warning. Christianity, Hinduism, and the wasp as a totem animal, each one is playing an essential part in what the wasp will mean to you or those around you. 

Wasp Symbolism in Christianity

Wasps were never used in the bible for anything other than punishments or as an example for punishing. Usually, God would send a swarm of wasps to punish a specific person, induce welts, or generally just as a punishment for those that have sinned. 

It is worth noting that while some animals are seen as pure in the Christian religion, even things such as wasps were seen as holy. Thus, when animals were talked about in the bible, they were either tool, a sacrifice, or used to transfer the wisdom that animals would have in the world. 

Wasp Symbolism in Hinduism

The goddess Bhramari is an incarnation of Parvati; Bhramari is associated with bees, wasps, and hornets. This made these three bugs holy and protected by those following the religion, leading to many accepting that wasps could represent her presence, be a message from her, or be a sign of her protection. 

When you see wasps in your dreams or your mind’s eye, it may very well be the goddess coming to visit. As a result, many people across the world of Hinduism have learned to look for the more minor things in the world around us, receiving the right messages at the right time. 

Wasp Totem

As a totem, animal wasps will represent independence, painful truths, loving drama, being a warrior and protector. While also meaning that you will be moving slowly through relationships, liking summer more than winter, you may be seen as an authority figure by others. 

Generally speaking, when the wasp is seen as your totem animal, it can be hard to nail down just one or two effects it will have on you overall. However, with a great deal, many people learning that as they grow older and older, the totem animal changes behavior and what it will mean to you. 

What Do Wasps Mean in Dreams?

The meanings behind wasps in your dreams can be complicated; while some wasps are lone creatures, they can also be highly social. When you see one or more in a plan, it may mean that you are about to receive new information, either through gossip or unexpected means. (Source: Paranormal Authority)

Further, they may also appear in your dreams to show you that aggression lies in your future or that you have been too aggressive. It is important to remember this as wasps are not laid back and calm bugs and will become aggressive and angry if they are pestered enough. 

The last part that you need to know about seeing wasps in your dreams is that just one appearing, especially in a field with bees, that there may be evil in your life. It can be a specific new person, an older adult you knew that is turning evil, or some outside force that is not having a good effect on you.

How Do Bees and Wasps Relate?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that bees and wasps are like bees and hornets; the truth is that it is a lot more complicated. Bees and wasps may not always be friends, but they are highly similar, with similar hive setups and sometimes even happily working close to each other.

Wasps like bees are extremely social animals but will have a lot less in their hive than bees would, which is where their spiritual significance comes from. Wasps can have the same meaning as bees but aimed at focusing on your closest friends, looking at your immediate surroundings instead. 

Wasps and bees are rarely fighting and will work together if absolutely needed, with only a few types of wasps showing aggression to all other bugs. It is essential to learn this when you start looking for their meaning, ensuring that you don’t lose focus on what they are trying to say. 

When Does a Wasp Enter Your Life?

Wasps will usually enter your dreams and your surroundings when you start to doubt your independence. They will signal that you are on the right path and that you should not falter or hesitate to do what you know and feel is right, even when the world is against you. 

Many people find the message they were looking for in wasps when they became tired and unable to push through, completing what they set out to. But, unfortunately, wasps are some of the hardest workers in nature and will fight tooth and nail to complete the tasks they have been set to do.

It is a small task to simply gather some food for their hives or protect their hive from any threats. However, wasps will enter your life when you need to find this meaning, being a warrior inside and outside of the home if you have to but being steadfast in the beliefs that you hold.


Wasps are not harmful; all the time, when you meet them in the spiritual world, many times, they are there to deliver positive reassurance. So understanding what they are there to tell you and doing what needs to be done is the essential part of accepting the message that the wasps are there for. 

Many people somehow still get confused between wasps and hornets; be sure that you never are!