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What is the spiritual meaning of a pair of doves? You could be very lucky!

What is the spiritual meaning of a pair of doves? You could be very lucky!

There are several things that we all know are sure signs of spirits contacting us, things that happen so rarely that it can only be attributed to being a spiritual connection.

One of the few things that most everyone will experience, but not be able to understand, is seeing a pair of doves. Whether you are seeing them because they were caught together, because you asked for a sign, or it’s just entirely random, there is deep meaning for seeing a pair of doves. 

Spiritually seeing a pair of doves has always been a sign of grace, love, beauty, and peace which further helps to symbolize their meaning of innocence.

Usually, when you see a pair of doves it means that you are in the presence of something pure and loving, whether that is your spirit or one that is visiting you it does not matter.

You will see these doves usually appearing at churches or graveyards, but rarely will they appear in the city. 

You must understand how your life may be changed when you do see a pair of doves and what it means when you see a pair in your dreams. Many people are not always aware of the effects that seeing the doves will have on their lives.

Getting a better understanding of what the doves mean, why they are appearing, and how you can safely interpret their message is a big part of how you will be able to understand your spiritual journey. 

What does it mean when you see a pair of doves?

This is where you will start to get different meanings for seeing a pair of doves, as seeing them in different ways will impact your worldview in many different ways.

Usually, people will find that when they are working on understanding the things they are seeing that white doves might very well have been the first message that they received. This is why you need to understand what they mean in every way that you can see them.

Fortunately, there are only three ways that a pair of doves can appear to you, as they are usually sent by something else to give you a push in the right direction of what you need to understand.

Most of the time people that are seeing a pair of doves have been looking for a message, ad the doves are there to deliver it. It is worth noting that each version of the pair of doves can give you vastly change the experience that you are meant to take away. 

Seeing a Pair of Doves In Dreams

Seeing a pair of doves in your dreams is nothing but a good sign, they symbolize peace and happiness in your life.

Usually, the doves are there to show you that what you are currently doing and the choices that you have made are the right ones. It may even be a sign that you are soon entering a period of love, peace, and understanding with those around you. 

Above all, when you see a pair of doves it is vital that you understand the full meaning of them, ensuring that you are working to understand them better and to increase the effect that they have.

If you are already settled and have a family, the doves are there to show that you are indeed in a happy relationship and that everything is stable, creating the opportunity for you to be happy and at peace much like starlings.

Seeing a Pair of Doves In real life

Hollywood has long been using pairs of doves flying through the air to symbolize that a wedding is taking place, that the couple we have been following is indeed meant for each other.

The reason behind this is that a pair of doves, even two that are flying together, represent peace, fidelity, and love. Therefore if you see a pair of doves at a wedding it means that the couple is truly meant for each other.

Many times you may find that doves appear at weddings when you least expect them to, usually when no one is even looking.

They will always serve as a sign from the spiritual world that the wedding has been blessed, that the two that are getting married are meant for each other, and that they have been working towards becoming the best possible couple that they could be. 

Seeing a Pair of Doves In your mind’s eye

This is where things can get a little bit more interesting as not many people will even see one dove in their mind’s eye. However, when you do see a pair of doves in your mind’s eye, either as a flash or while meditating, then they will still be there to deliver the same message as at any other time.

This will be a message of love, peace, and fidelity. Depending on what the answer is that you were seeking you should be prepared to interpret the information they have given you properly. 

Usually, this will be the answer to a question that you were asking, a resolution that you need to fix, or simply as a sign that you should not be stressing about the problem you have been facing.

The doves are there as a message, either from the universe or from the spirits that surround us. Their message should be heeded and accepted, making sure that you are properly understanding what you have been told.

One of the unique things that may happen in a flash of a pair of birds when you meet your soulmate. 

Are seeing two doves together good luck?

A lot of people will interpret the signs of peace, love, and fidelity in different ways; however, they also represent something else that is universally accepted as a good sign.

Two doves together can also represent that you are about to have good luck, showing that what you are attempting to do or what you need to happen, is much more likely to happen.

For the average person seeing a pair of doves is a good sign that you are about to be extremely lucky. 

However, there are other areas where seeing a pair of doves is a good luck sign to a different level than just for the average person.

Many of the great leaders in the past have mentioned seeing one or two doves on the eve of some great battles, it may be that they saw the doves because those battles would mean peace, or it may be a blessing of good luck upon them. 

Whichever way the pair of doves will be affecting the way you look at the world, they will have a good message and effect on you.

A pair of doves has never been a bad sign no matter where you are in the world. Many cultures to this day use dove pairs as strong religious symbols, with most people not even aware of how much the doves have affected their views on the world. 

What are doves a sign of?

While the spiritual meaning in the most basic form for a pair of doves is indeed easy to understand there is a deeper and older meaning to the pair that we must focus on. Many cultures and religions have closely connected to the doves, and many separate religions have created similar, yet differing, connections with the pair of doves. 

Some religions see them as direct messages from God, while others use the pair of doves as a symbol that you are being visited by angels. Even further still you can find some ancient religions that worshipped the doves themselves, believing that they were holy animals that should be venerated.

You must understand which religions still hold the pair of doves highly and how this affects their views of the world. 

Doves in Judaism & Christianity 

In the Jewish belief system, doves have the same meaning as it does in most other places, and it is closely connected to the way Christianity views it as well.

A pair of doves represent peace, healing, and hope, which all starts from the point of the flood, where Noah sent out a white dove to look for land. The dove returned with an olive branch and the close connections of the religion with doves were started. Similar to hawks, this bird holds important religious value.

While that explains where one dove is important, it also explains why two doves are even more so. Usually, because the doves represent purity and love, with peace and hope connected to it as well, many Christian couples will hope to see a pair of white doves on their wedding day.

Further, pure white doves have long since been seen as angels visiting us, watching over those in need. If you see a pair of doves it means that the decision you are making is indeed the correct one and that you will find peace in your life. 

Doves in Islam

While the dove holds a high value in Christianity, and several other religions around the world, it is worth noting that no dove, not even a pair, means anything in Islam. Many people that look on from the outside automatically assume that Islam must have some connection with the dove as so many other religions have a connection with them as well.

However, the only reference made to doves in the Quran is that it is one of the permissible birds to eat, with no further mention made of it. This is why you will sometimes find confusion in those that do practice the faith when others make grand spiritual claims about the meaning of doves while trying to attribute it to the Islam faith. 

How has the spiritual meaning of doves affected peace and pacifism in politics?

Throughout history, a pair of doves have changed how the world has been operating, with everything from ancient gods closely connected to the doves, to the most mundane of meanings.

Understanding how a pair of doves have changed and the meanings behind them have increased or decreased is vital to increasing your overall knowledge. 

Many times you may find that the ancient civilizations had vastly different meanings to the doves as well, each level of civilization has been interpreting the appearance of two doves in different ways.

You need to know how people in ancient times, the middle ages, and in the modern age have interpreted seeing two doves together. You must ensure that you understand these to get the best overall meaning behind the presence of a pair of doves. 

Symbolism of Doves in Ancient Times

Before the Christian meaning of a pair of doves was the only way to interpret them, there were the other religions that were spread across the world.

We are not sure how native Americans saw a pair of white doves, and we know that in the Asian religions they can either be important or not at all acknowledged. 

It is with the ancient Greeks and Romans that we see the importance of doves also appearing, with many of them believing that doves themselves are gods in disguise.

Usually, if you saw two pure white doves together it could mean love and fidelity, or maybe even that two gods that are married are watching over you.

For the ancient Greeks, the most common affiliation would be Hera, as she was the goddess of marriage and loyalty. 

Symbolism of Doves in Middle Ages

Throughout the middle ages, you can find pairs of doves painted on walls, ceilings, paintings, and anywhere else the Christian religion was able to reach.

It is with these that we can first see the widespread connection that a single white dove is a holy spirit and that a pair of white doves is extremely significant. Most of the time you can find that those who are devout Christians during this time wanted their relationships to be connected to doves.

It is during this time that we can first find evidence of doves being released at noble weddings, a forceful showing that the wedding will be long-lasting and filled with love.

A great deal of the temperaments of the people during the middle ages was assuaged by the symbols they could see around them. This includes the pair of doves they could sometimes find feeding, or just being together, everything from knowing where to place their trust to who to love. 

Symbolism of Doves in Modern Times

Possibly the time when the meaning of a pair of doves became the most conflicted was during the modern era, as cities grew larger so too did the population of doves around the world.

No longer was it odd to see two doves together, in fact, it was abnormal to see only two or three doves together. This warped the meaning behind the doves and a greater rarity was accepted before someone knew they were being given a message. 

This is one of the driving factors of seeing a pair of white doves, whereas in the middle ages a single white dove meant that the holy spirit was present, it now was commonplace to see them.

The meaning of two white doves nesting together instead became a lot more important, as people and those needing signs learned of the significance of the pair of doves so too did the presence of these doves.

Usually, this is why people mistakenly ignore the fact that they are seeing two doves together, thinking that it is only significant when seeing two white doves. 

Summary: The Spiritual Meaning of a Pair of Doves

The spiritual meaning of a pair of doves is a sign of grace, love, beauty, and peace. They have a very strong association with innocence, purity and feminine energy. Dove symbolism is wide reaching and holds significance in many cultures.

Just, whatever you do, don’t mistake a pigeon for a dove, they are indeed similar-looking but entirely different creatures! 

Berry Culpepper

Sunday 10th of April 2022

I have 2 doves nesting on my balcony. Heat them every morning. Can you interpret that?


Thursday 3rd of February 2022

I seen what I believe to be were two doves in the night's sky they were extremely big and bright in flight gracefully moving forward and backwards for about two minutes. One slowly disappeared and the other slowly got smaller changes shape to a bright five pointed star. A beautiful vision.


Monday 13th of December 2021

Me and a friend were standing outside one day talking and I happened to look up and saw two white doves flying and land on top of a building and she saw them to they stayed there the whole time we were talking what do you think this means ???

Julia Mareko

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

Living on a remote developing island, I often see doves flying in pairs or solo. Sometimes, I would feel at peace with my curent cirmcumstances and other times, I sense a presence of a divinity as a way to remind me that I am on the right path.

Medoro Trombino

Tuesday 28th of September 2021

I had a dream of two white doves in flight while touching beaks Can you help me interpret this Thank you

Resi Innocent

Saturday 2nd of October 2021

Great question! Dreams of a birds beak can be interpreted as a sign of needing to take action. Combined with the doves, it could be a longing to take the leap with a potential romantic partner.