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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Scarab Beetles?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Scarab Beetles?

The scarab beetle may be tiny, but it is a strong and adaptable creature that has carried symbolic meaning for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Egyptians gave great symbolic significance to the scarab beetle. In ancient Egyptian culture, this beetle was a sacred creature. 

Like many animals, the scarab beetle transcends its physical characteristics and reaches the realms of spirituality and symbolism. For thousands of years, the spiritual meaning of scarab beetles has been associated with ideas of transformation, renewal, strength, resourcefulness, creativity, and connection to the spiritual world. 

There are actually tens of thousands of scarab beetle species on the planet. The one that the Egyptians revered was what we call the sacred scarab. Like all scarabs, the sacred scarab is a dung beetle. Dung beetles roll dung, creating enormous dung balls that are much larger than their bodies. This impressive ability attracted attention and respect.  

What is the Meaning of the Scarab Beetle as a Spirit Animal? 

If the scarab beetle is your spirit animal, your personality and life probably reflect some of the symbolism of this animal. For example, creativity, spirituality, and metamorphosis may play essential parts in your life. It may also tell you that you should make these things a more significant part of your life. 

Having the scarab beetle as a spirit animal probably means you have a strong sense of balance between the natural world and the spiritual realm, being able to harness the power of both for your objectives. It also points to adaptability and resilience, with the ability to persist until you reach your goals. 

You have a strong intuition and the ability to evaluate situations quickly. You know how to protect yourself spiritually or emotionally. If you feel you don’t already have these capabilities, these are things you should work on. Let the scarab beetle give you its wisdom and positive abilities to improve your life and help you achieve your dreams. 

Scarab beetle symbolism is quite varied, and there are several different meanings to this fascinating insect. 

Creativity and Adaptability 

The scarab beetle is an adaptable animal that can survive in the face of enormous, seemingly insurmountable challenges. This insect uses the resources it has at hand to keep itself safe and alive. Part of the scarab beetle’s creative ability lies in its ability to compromise and work with others and with whatever challenges it meets. 

This spirit animal guides you in balancing compromise and staying true to yourself and your integrity. As the symbol of eternity in ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle shows us that creativity and the ability to survive are always with you. The scarab beetle is strong and resilient, able to accomplish tasks you’d never think possible given its size. 

Change and Metamorphosis

The scarab beetle is a strong signal that unavoidable change will occur. You will be faced with circumstances that force you to make a significant decision. This is where the idea of a crossroads comes in. 

With the scarab beetle, we keep the right balance between various areas of life. We balance the need for metamorphosis and authenticity with cooperation and communal endeavors. We must also maintain a balance between creativity and the need to be practical, understanding the importance of strategy. 

Spirituality and Magic

This animal has strong symbolic meaning in the areas of spirituality and magic. The spiritual meaning of scarab beetles reminds us to understand the connection between the physical and spiritual realms, maintaining a sense of life’s magic at all times. 

The scarab beetle symbolizes communication with the spiritual realm. In fact, it’s connected to the concept of clairvoyance. If you simply want to make a better connection with spirit guides, the scarab beetle can help you. 

Another facet of the scarab beetle’s spiritual meaning is the concept of destiny. We all make choices, and sometimes we need to take time to go within and figure out a larger sense of spiritual destiny and meaning. 

What Does a Scarab Beetle Teach You About Life? 

We can turn to the scarab beetle to teach us many different lessons. One of the major areas of life where the scarab beetle offers lessons is that of major decision-making, especially when it comes to transformational change. 

Imagine a crossroads. Sometimes you face forks in the road where you must choose between the path you’re already on, or that seems safer, and one that may bring you to a new experience and significant personal growth and expansion. It may even bring the metamorphosis you need. 

The scarab beetle reminds us to create and maintain a stronger connection to spirituality, more clearly seeing the magic in every part of life. It’s always there. You just need to develop eyes that can see it. Develop better thinking skills.   

What Does it Mean if You See a Scarab Beetle?

If you see a scarab beetle, this signals that this is a time of change and even metamorphosis. You have immense creative potential, and you must be courageous. You have reached a meaningful crossroads, and you should recognize your potential. 

The scarab beetle also reminds you to be strong and adaptable. It tells you to see the good in every situation and make the best of every opportunity. Draw on your creativity and seek to develop in that area in whatever way you can. 

How Will Scarab Beetles Appear to You? 

A sacred scarab beetle isn’t an insect you’re likely to see physically in your everyday life. However, it may appear in your thoughts and dreams. Or perhaps you may see artistic representations of them in art or other kinds of cultural artifacts. When this happens, there is undoubtedly a symbolic and spiritual significance. 

If you have persistent and perhaps distressing thoughts or dreams involving scarab beetles, this may mean that something has happened, that you have thought, or that you have done that is causing you distress. You will have to do emotional and spiritual work to free yourself of this burden. 

You may see images of scarab beetles when you need help making an important decision. Draw on the spiritual meaning of scarab beetles to help you feel stronger and confident. 


While the scarab beetle may seem a rather mundane animal at first glance, this insect has a long symbolic history extending back thousands of years. If you feel the scarab beetle is your spirit animal, do some more work getting in touch with its significance and how it can help you. 


Saturday 2nd of April 2022

Thanks for the article. Plenty of useful information. I can resonate with the symbolism of the scarab beetle. Egyptian symbolism has been coming into my life quite often recently. I have an interest in the work of C.G. Jung, so I enjoy trying to understand the synchronicity and meaning of events. All the best to you. Namaste.