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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Starlings? Starling Symbolism

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Starlings? Starling Symbolism

Not many people around the world realize when starlings are visiting them, with not everyone being familiar with the beautiful plumage these birds have. The links that starlings have with our dreams, what we believe in, and our spiritual well-being is more complicated than most. 

Starlings represent cooperation, working together, and being a family orientated towards that are close to you. Further, starlings represent strength, freedom, unity of fellow-creatures, and the effect that those in our lives have on our views and what we are doing. 

There are many things that starlings can mean whenever you see them, with many people deeply needing the signs they are there to deliver. Your spiritual understanding of starlings and how they will affect your overall mood is essential to growing and becoming more than you already are. 

What Do Starlings Symbolize?

Like all spiritual animals that you can see and encounter in the world around you, they can mean many different things. You will need to understand what each means, how it impacts the things you are doing, and what messages they can send to you. 

Because starlings can sound incredibly creepy if you have never heard a group of them together, many people that encounter them the first time mistakenly thinking they are harmful. It is important to remember that they do not have such negative connections as you would first think. 

Starlings In Religion

In the bible, there is very little connection to starlings; however, many other religions have close connections with starlings. In the Buddhist faith, starlings are seen as the guardians of buddha’s home, ensuring that only those who are worthy and approved may enter. 

However, in ancient times the ways that starlings flew and their overall behavior was seen as messages from the gods. The Romans mainly focused on this and followed the flights of starling closely, allowing them to know what to do and what omens may be ahead. 

Starlings As A Spirit Guide

When working as your spirit guide, a starling will be there to guide you around the pitfalls you may have to face in your life. The starling ensures that you have a healthy, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being that will help you overcome most challenges you may face.

Unlike many other spirit guides, the starling will not necessarily focus on only one or two things about the spiritual world. Instead, the bird may guide you to others, helping you feel safer and guided towards those who may best help you achieve everything you are meant to be. 

Dreams About Starlings

Usually, when starlings come to you in dreams, they will have very positive meanings for your current future. Most of the time, for men, it will mean that they will achieve success in their immediate professional ambitions, while women dreaming of starlings will have happiness and love in her life. 

It is important to remember that it is not as strictly adhered to for the genders as many people like to believe with both of these meanings. Starlings may very well visit a man seeking love and a fulfilled family life, while a businesswoman who is undergoing professional changes may also be. 

Starlings As A Totem Animal

When a starling or a group of starlings become your totem animal, they will guide you to unity with others, leading you to succeed when working with others. It is essential to have the starling guide you in this manner, as it will always show you the best of others and yourself. 

Many totem animals would give you the strength to face things alone, whereas starlings take a slightly different approach to how you should work with those around you. Starlings will encourage you to work as a team and never abandon your uniqueness, allowing you to achieve more than you could imagine. 

Seeing Starlings When Meditating

If you see a starling while meditating, we always recommend that you think through everything that the bird means. It means that you are about to achieve something great, either in love or professionally, while working together with others in a team. 

Usually, starlings appear to you when meditating when you are already doing things with others, encouraging you not to stray from the path. It is always important to remember this as it will allow you to comfortably and fully achieve more than what may be expected from you. 

What Does a Group of Starlings Mean?

A group of starlings usually means that you need to value those around you and that it is not always a bad thing to follow what others are doing. Many people can start to doubt themselves or the motivations that they have to improve when facing harder decisions in life.

Groups of starlings can appear to you as a surprise when you least expect anything to happen and will almost certainly mean that you can safely follow in the footsteps of others. Many people always assume that following the group or the example of others will lead to failure, but this is not always true. 

Starlings show and teach us that it can be good, safe, and practical to follow along with the larger group, even if we lose our way for a few seconds. When you are encountering groups of starlings all around you, spiritually, mentally, or just physically, it may mean you need to go with the flow. 

What Is the Meaning of Having Starlings in Your Life?

If you regularly encounter starlings, it may mean that you are living somewhere near the American grasslands, where they have flourished since being introduced. But that does not mean that the starlings have no meaning in your life or that they are not affecting the way you are living. 

Instead, we know that regular encounters with starlings may mean that you live a good life in sync with those around you. They are helping to overcome challenges as a group instead of simply allowing problems to fester and become a problem over time. 

We always recommend heeding this sign and working towards becoming a better part of the larger whole when you have starlings regularly appearing. If you are only ever seeing one lone starling, you are looking for the group you belong to. 

Where Will You Most Likely Encounter Starlings?

Starlings do not usually live in cities or even towns, as they like flocking in large groups, even in the countries that they are natives to. This is why you will usually encounter starlings in grasslands or other wilder places, where the birds can fly freely and do whatever they wish to do. 

However, you can still encounter starlings flying independently, especially during warmer days or months when they need to forage further for food. Many people encounter starlings while dreaming or meditating, being greatly confused about the type of bird it is. 

When you see starlings for the first time, it can be extremely tough to know what bird they are and how they will change your life. Fortunately, most starlings have many distinct features that will help you quickly and comfortably identify them using the internet. 


While the calls of a starling might be one of the eeriest sounds that we know of, they are mostly harmless and will comfortably guide you in the right direction. Giving your advice on how to join in with others and helping you achieve much more than you would ever have been able to alone. 

Whatever you do, please don’t think that you should ignore them because you think your idea will be better than others!


Saturday 14th of May 2022

I found a baby bird. Very sweet and loving. I tried to get a bird rehab specialist to take him but they won’t. Because he is a Starling. My Starling. I had NO idea about the symbolism. I just purchased Maryann Dimarcos book on Medium Mentor. Coincidence? No, I think not. Synchronicity ❤️ Thank you!!!


Thursday 3rd of February 2022

I think that I seen a starling, not sure could have been a Dove. It made it self very visible to me. It was so big and bright, even better I got a video of it. If you would like to see it email me