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White Butterfly Meaning: Symbolism and Spiritual Significance

White Butterfly Meaning: Symbolism and Spiritual Significance

You will never know or expect when to see a butterfly, they are always welcome things to see when you go into the world. It is when you see a white butterfly that you will know there is something that you need to look out for.

A white butterfly can appear one by one or in larger groups, each type of sighting bringing with them a different spiritual symbols. 

A white butterfly is a connection to the other side, so white butterfly meaning can be as a sign that you are close to spirits or that spirits are surrounding you. It is believed by many that the white butterfly specifically represents the souls of the dead that are there to show us their support.

In a few unique events, a white butterfly can be an omen of death, omens of luck, but are usually accepted that you are going to be going through a change in your life. 

There are several more things that a white butterfly can represent and you must know what they are, usually, it can be quite hard to fully understand what the white butterfly means.

As you delve deeper into the world of spiritualism the symbolism of a white butterfly changes, you may see a few hundred in a dream, have one that sits on you when you least expect it, or might even experience one flying by when it seems impossible. 

White Butterfly Symbolism

There are five things that we know a white butterfly can represent, each of which will have a lasting effect on your spiritual well-being. Many times, people are not aware of the changes that the butterflies are having on them and will need to rethink what the exact message is.

This may be because you noticed the butterfly at a strange time or you may not have been entirely ready to receive the message. 

Each symbol of the white butterfly should be understood and accepted as it will have lasting effects on your life, giving you the chance to understand how your life will be changed.

Each part of the symbolism that a white butterfly has will create a unique change in your life. You must be able to understand all the different effects that they will have and how to accurately interpret them. 

Why should you listen to the meaning behind a white butterfly?

Unlike most other spiritual signs that you may receive, when a white butterfly appears to you it means that you should heed to warnings and signs the spiritual world is giving you.

Many people do not always realize why it is important to listen to the signs that our ancestors and the spiritual world are sending us. When you start seeing a white butterfly it means more than just one thing is sending you a message, and it is time to start listening. 

Further, most cultures intricately connect with a white butterfly in some way, which is why the symbolism of them changes depending heavily on where you are.

If you are seeing a white butterfly either in the world around you or simply in your dreams you should therefore heed the message that they are sending.

Understanding what the exact message is can be a challenge, but you should nonetheless try to figure it out. Usually, people are open to receiving the messages that a white butterfly has as they are actively looking for something to help them through a problem. 

Dreams of white butterflies

It is strongly believed that when you are dreaming that a white butterfly will be the bearer of dreams, with some cultures believing that the butterflies will take your dreams away when you sleep.

This is why you should not be shocked or surprised to see a white butterfly early in the morning, as it will just be the butterflies doing their job.

However, if you are seeing butterflies in your dreams it can mean that you are being visited by the spirits of the dead. This is why you should remember the dream that you are having, as there might be a message that you need to remember.

Many people are surprised by the messages they may receive in their dreams from the white butterflies they dream about. 

A white butterfly as a messenger of weather and angels

You will most likely start to see a white butterfly when you are looking for signs of weather as the butterfly can be there to show different weather types, most usually being there as a sign that a storm has ended.

It should be noted that depending on where you are in the world that the symbol of the white butterfly will change when associated with weather, with a few select cultures believing seeing one in sunny weather will mean more days of sunny weather to follow.

The most important spiritual thing that a white butterfly can mean for you spiritually is that you are being visited by an angel. Closely related you will find few depictions of angels without a flurry of white butterflies around them.

You must be aware that a white butterfly can either be the angels themselves or simply tell you that angels are near you, it will rarely just be one butterfly that represents angels though.

A white butterfly as an omen of luck

This is one of the most widely held beliefs for white butterflies, they carry luck, either as a direct messenger that you will have good fortune, or simply telling you where you will find the most luck.

White butterfly lands on you

Many believe that if a white butterfly lands on you it is bestowing luck to you today, giving you the chance to do something that you have been trying.

Spiritually this means that what you may be attempting to do is what will be helped along by the presence of the white butterflies. As more show up, they may be attracted to the spirits that surround you or sent to you for good luck in whatever you are endeavoring to do. Even a small white butterfly can be a very lucky sign.

White butterfly flies while meditating

If you have ever seen someone meditating and white butterflies gathering close to them, it is because they may be attracting the butterflies by the close connections they are making. 

A white butterfly crosses your path

If a white butterfly crosses you path, it’s a message that your are at a crossroads that can define every day for the rest of your life. Big changes are ahead if you are willing to accept them and you should thank the messenger of this positive sign.

White Butterfly as symbolism of change

Few people see random white butterflies in their lives, especially as urbanization has become so extreme, which is why it is all the more surprising when you see a white butterfly in the middle of a city.

These butterflies are not just randomly there, you also did not notice them entirely by chance, the truth is that these are white butterflies to show a change of life.

What this change of life is can be hard to define as many people can barely prepare for the change they are going to have when it does happen.  This is similar to the butterfly’s counterpart; the moth.

Change is also present during the process of metamorphosis. When the caterpillar enters its cocoon so that it can eventually make its ultimate change into a butterfly. This change also reflects the balance of life, which is also seen in insects like slugs.

It may you are about to meet your soul mate, it can be that you are going to make a complete career change, and in some cases, it will be that you are going to experience a complete change of life.

When you do see a white butterfly when and where you would never have expected it, you should remember that as much as we could hope, the greatest changes to our lives happen after some of the most painful things.

Do white butterflies symbolize death

This is the omen that everyone hopes is never true, as it means that you or someone you love is about to experience a lot of pain. White butterflies are not just associated with angels and spirits that are there to help you, they also accompany death on its never-ending march.

White butterflies are usually seen close to hospitals because of this, being there as a sign that someone or something is about to die. But just because there is an association with death and the white butterfly spirit, it isn’t a necessarily sinister message.

You should heed this omen, keeping it in the back of your mind when you see it, the white butterfly will be there to show you what to expect. Whether it is there as a sign of spirits, a sign of good luck, a sign of change, there will always be the possibility that it is also an omen of death.

Those that loved us and are visiting us still may very well appear as white butterflies when they come to visit us. 

What types of white butterflies can you encounter?

While it may be odd to think about, but there are different types of white butterflies that you will see around the world, each one with its symbolism.

You can find large white butterflies, small white ones, mustard white butterflies, and orange-tipped butterflies. Each of these has a symbol, however, understanding what they mean is a challenge.

This is because the white butterflies from around the world are all different and this is what drives their symbolism so much. A white butterfly in the United States might mean something completely different when you are walking around Japan.

Learning what the regional variations are will be important, especially as each type of white butterfly will have different spiritual meanings that you will need to remember 

The only butterfly that stays relatively the same is a pure white butterfly, which is usually a messenger from angels or the spirits. However, wingtips, spots on the wings, and the size of the butterfly can affect the message and spiritual power that the butterflies have.

You will need to ensure that you understand what these mean, with only the local people of each country being able to properly explain to you what the butterfly variations mean. 

Why does a white butterfly symbolize death?

Many would like to believe that because white butterflies represent or are so closely held as symbols of death that they have a negative connection. However, white butterflies symbolize death because the spirits of the dead appear as these butterflies to us.

This means that the butterflies appear more in places where death is more prominent.

Part of this symbolism lies in the butterfly being an insect. Insects in many cultures have been a symbol of death, disease, and horror. This symbolism does stretch to other insects as well.

You can find many white butterflies around graveyards, hospitals, or locations where large wars have been fought. You must remember that white butterflies are not negative signs of death and that death is often depicted by a flurry of white butterflies surrounding it.

This is because it is usually accompanied by the spirits of the dead that it has come to retrieve. 

While it is indeed scary to think about death, with the close connection that white butterflies have with it, you should not be afraid when seeing a large number of white butterflies. I

t is simply a sign that the spirits of the dead are traveling towards the right place, going on to become whatever it is they should be becoming after death. 

Butterfly spiritual meaning

This is one of the most confusing things that you will experience as you travel around the world, different cultures have different meanings. Everyone has some connection to white butterflies and how they affect the overall outlook of the people that follow the teachings.

You will need to be aware of how cultures and religions believe in these butterflies, as each color, type, shape, and size has a different form of symbolism. 

A butterfly with one broken wing can have vastly different meanings to a butterfly with perfect wings. While many people fear the thought of black butterflies, some cultures see them as omens of good harvests.

Butterflies In Different Cultures

Each culture around the world has its meaning for all butterfly colors, which is why it is almost impossible to understand them all perfectly. However, generally speaking, butterflies are good signs associated with spiritualism and messages from god.

Many Asian cultures just has a connection with white butterflies as either spirit or as signs that it is currently winter. While western cultures associate white butterflies with dead loved ones, messengers of good omens, or even messengers of death. 

Most people will enjoy having some butterflies around them when they reach deeper spiritual meanings within themselves. 

Often you can see that monks and those who are meditating in the east will be surrounded by butterflies, all varying in color and size. While in the west you can find butterflies on fields, farms, gardens, and holy places.

Each religion, spiritual seeker, and culture have different meanings for each set of butterflies that they are likely to see around them. 

Other white butterfly symbols

Fortunately, some things butterflies present, either spiritually or as omens that have become the same, as we have reached an understanding of their greater meaning.

The most common thing that butterflies will represent is a change in weather, either for good or ill, the butterflies that you are seeing around you will be the deciding factor.

Further, the most common meaning for butterflies, each color with their meaning again, is that they are messengers from above. Butterflies can mean a lot of things, with books written on what each type and color represent.

You will need to consult others and meditate about what the butterflies you are seeing around you mean before you are capable of easily understanding what they are telling you. 


White butterflies are positive messengers that bring luck, change and even messages from loved ones from beyond the grave. Butterfly spiritual meaning is a powerful spiritual sign and one that you should pay close attention to.

Understanding the white butterfly meaning is to help you become elevated and much more knowledgeable about the world around us. You will need to work towards understanding why and how the butterflies have appeared to you to fully understand their message.

Please, just avoid trying to hunt the butterflies and capture them, they are meant to be free, ready to reach others that may need them!


Tuesday 4th of January 2022

I have been finding small very pale yellow/ white butterflies with a few dots in my house lately. I live in NY and it’s about 28 degrees in January. I just found the fourth one in approximately a month. What does this mean? I take them to the front door and let them go.