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What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of White Owls: Are They Lucky?

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of White Owls: Are They Lucky?

A white owl, or snowy owl, is a beautiful large owl species found in the northern hemisphere. To see this magnificent bird is a true honor and privilege, and it could well be a significant moment in your life. As with many other owls, white owls are regarded as a significant sign, omen, or spiritual message. 

So, what does it mean to see a white owl? The vision of a white owl in your life is a very powerful sign. It is the symbol that something in your life is soon to end, but that something much better is also soon to come.

Are white owls lucky?

This depends on how you view the nature of luck. Seeing an owl is generally understood as a signal of death, signaling that someone you know will die. With this belief, the sighting of an owl is seen as a bad omen, or as bad luck.

The same goes for a white owl, and more so. In many cultures, a white owl is associated with witchcraft and the bringer of messages from the supernatural world.

But there is another perspective to what a white owl represents. The sighting of a white owl does not represent the literal act of dying, it instead carries the spiritual significance of what death represents. Instead of being an omen of death, the white owl represents change.

For those who do not like change, or are resistant to it, this can come as a negative sign. The white owl is a representative of the cycles of life in nature.

All things change, and all things die; similarly, all things are reborn again. In the same way, all our life experiences eventually will end, with new experiences taking their place. When we accept this as a natural thing in our life journey, the symbolism of the white owl is good luck indeed.

What is the spiritual meaning of white owls?

Though the white owl may have personal, spiritual meaning for a person, generally speaking, sighting a white owl is a reminder that in life, nothing lasts. Both the good things and the bad times are temporary and will come to their natural conclusion.

Seeing a white owl is the reminder that something in your life is coming to an end. With this ending, something new is about to begin.

In this way, the spiritual meaning of a white owl is an indication that you are maturing spiritually. With this sign, it is an indication that you are gaining wisdom and becoming more enlightened.

As with all spiritual signs, it is a response to the energy you are putting out into the universe concerning what you are thinking about or working through in life. Based on what you have been focusing on, you are sent spiritual messages to guide you to the next step in your spiritual journey.

Since each person has a unique spiritual language, a white owl may have meaning for a particular person alone. It is important to take an assessment of the lessons you are going through when you saw the white owl to determine its message for you.

If you are seeing a white owl repeatedly, it is urging you to take the necessary steps to transition through the change you are experiencing so that you can move on to the better things coming to you.

What does it mean to dream about white owls?

Quite often, the sighting of a white owl comes to us in our dreams rather than as a physical sighting. Seeing a white owl in our dreams holds similar significance and meaning as it does with a physical sighting.

Dreaming of a white owl is a good thing, as it is an indication that something unexpected is coming, something we didn’t think was possible.

Dreaming of a white owl is a message of change, transformation, or the start of something new in your life. If you dreamt of a white owl, it is a good idea to journal about it right away to glean the wisdom through the symbols that the dream has brought.

Change is coming into your life, so the wisdom the dream has given, will need to be examined and revisited as these changes unfold.

Some of the symbolic meaning of dreaming of a white owl include: purity, innocence, future contentment, peace, happiness, celebration, wisdom, clarity, and heightened awareness.

White owls in mythology

Owls have held a prominent place in the mythological framework and myth stories of cultures around the globe. Images of owls show how they are equally feared and revered for their spiritual qualities. The meaning and significance of owls, and white owls, in particular, vary widely with different cultures.

In many cultures, white owls are capable of shapeshifting and taking human form. One such form-changing belief comes from the Romanian culture which states that a repentant sinner will be carried to heaven in the form of a white owl.

White owls are connected to the night and the moon. Many cultural stories speak of white owls possessing special insight, able to see what is unseen to humans, and possessed a higher level of knowledge.

Indigenous Americans often called the owl the night eagle. Their ability to see exceptionally well, it was believed, also gave them exceptional insight.

Arabic and Indigenous myth stories connect owls with death, though this death often was metaphorical. Where owls were believed to possess great power with their messages, white owls were regarded throughout history as more powerful for their purity and beauty.

Seeing a white owl at night

Since owls are nocturnal creatures, it would make sense to expect to see them at dusk or at night. Despite this, however, seeing a white owl is still a rare experience. Seeing one at night carries a significant spiritual message. White owls are special because their color carries the light and high vibration of the color white.

Seeing a white owl at night, therefore represents the shadow side of the physical world. Their message reveals dangers, solutions to puzzles and mysteries, and giving guidance and direction to dealing with the struggles of life.

Seeing a white owl at night can guide you to the lessons to work through to deal with the unconscious shadow side of yourself. This vision of the white owl at night during this time in your life is a call to dig down into the difficult shadow work of your inner self. This shadow work can be intense, difficult work, and you may need help from others to chart the best way forward.

What is the meaning of a white owl crossing your path?

In the same way that there is significant symbolism of seeing a white owl, the experience of a white owl crossing your path is an important event in the spiritual journey of your life. The trouble with life is that we often allow ourselves to get distracted with all the clutter and trouble we regularly deal with. We may miss a sign meant for us to help us deal with our life struggles.

A white owl crossing in front of you is meant to cause you to stop and take notice of this special sign and message. Normally, an animal will stay still and quiet in the hope that you will not see it. If a white owl, instead, flies toward you and crosses your path, it is a message that you are ignoring something. What is happening in your life that you have missed or are ignoring?

The white owl crossing in front of you has gotten your attention, and is sending you a strong spiritual message. You may be neglecting opportunities that would bring needed change and growth at this stage in your life.

Perhaps you are comfortable where you are and don’t want to go through a change. Maybe you are fearful of that change. The message of the white owl is that you need to take action on these opportunities to move toward something better.

This strong message of the owl crossing in front of you is also a message that if you do not take action to make the necessary changes, the forces of the universe will make these changes for you. If this happens, it will be much harder for you, and the lessons you need to learn will take longer.

You need to know that the situation you are in right now is no longer serving you as well as it once did, and it is now time to make a change to move on to the next stage in your life.

Another signal that a white owl brings is when it flies over you. This message is particularly good for you because it is a signal that the universe is looking out for you and your wellbeing.

This is a message of love from the universe, saying, do not be afraid of what is to come. Do not be worried about the next steps you are being called to make. Though the way may look frightening and difficult, the message of the white owl is that, what is ahead, will be for the better.


We have looked at several aspects of seeing a white owl and the strong spiritual message it brings. We have looked at what the message of the white owl is in general, seeing it as a sign of positive things to come in your life. In this way, we have looked at how seeing a white owl is a good thing – “good luck,” if you will. We looked briefly at the understanding of white owls in mythology.

And we looked at the spiritual meaning of the white owl, the meaning of a white owl in dreams, and what it means when you see a white owl at night and when one crosses your path.


Friday 4th of February 2022

Since the time of Roman augury (and perhaps before) seeing a white owl was a very bad omen and seeing one in the day was even worse. It was very clear cut. Magpies are a sign of sorrow and sadness when one is seen. I was interested in your interpretation of the seeing a white feather as a sign of healing, where is this meaning sourced from. I can't seem to find that meaning, it seems there is a lot of evidence for it to mean an end or death. Kind regards