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Spiritual Symbols: Ways The Universe Is Trying To Communicate With You

Spiritual Symbols: Ways The Universe Is Trying To Communicate With You

The ultimate guide to the spiritual symbols you may find in your life.

Have you ever found yourself asking something for a sign? Perhaps you’re begging for  a reason why things seem to be so stacked against you? Sometimes it can feel like shouting into a void, even when the signs are there many people don’t know what to look for or how to interpret them.

That’s why I have created this guide, to help you understand how to look for the answers to your questions and what they could be trying to tell you. 

Firstly it is important that you know your big three – This refers to your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising signs.

Your Sun Sign is that traditional Zodiac that most people are quite familiar with. Your Moon sign refers to what house the moon was at the time of your birth and your Rising Sign refers to the alignment of where you were born.

However, that knowledge may not be readily available to a lot of people, so I will just refer to Sun Signs for this guide. 

The universe works as a complimentary counter force to your own powers of manifestation and it’s important to remember that it works by pulling you to ask the question rather than pushing you to the answer. The mere fact you have put thought and energy into asking the question means somewhere you may already know the answer. 

Spiritual Symbols: Numerology

Angel Numbers

Something you have most likely heard of on your journey are Angel Numbers, understanding them can be difficult as they can appear more than once and sometimes in sequence. The strongest angel numbers are those that come in threes, these are more intentional. Angel numbers are there to remind you where you are and what to feel, they come to you when needed and most of the time go unnoticed unless you know what to look for or what they mean.

111 – Intuition  Trust your gut & listen to your inner voice

222 – Alignment You are in the right place at the right time

333 –  Support  Your spiritual guides are around you and sending love

444 –  Protection  The universe and your spiritual guides are protecting you

555 –  Change Something new is coming 

666 – Reflect It’s time to wake up to your higher spiritual truth

777 – Luck Wonderful things are about to happen

888 – Balance Everything is falling into place

999 –  Release It’s time to let go of what’s no longer serving you. 

House Numbers

The most common type of Numerology is the understanding of house numbers and how they could influence you. This can help you understand potential new apartments or houses you might be moving into. Certain house and Sun sign combinations can also greatly help you achieve your goals and increase compatibility. 

To work out your house number you need to add together each number until you get to 1 digit.

For example – Apartment 161 would be an 8 house. (1 + 6 + 1 = 8).

If you have a house and apartment number it would be the same idea. For example Apartment 8, 43 Smith Street would be a 6 House. (8 + 4 + 3 =15 then 1 + 5 = 6)

See a list of numbers, their meanings and the most compatible sun signs for each;

  1. Independence – Great for a fresh start

Pros: Promotes Independence

Cons: Increased Power Struggles

Sun Sign Compatibility: Libra  & Taurus

  1. Intimacy, Creative & Patience – Great for peace and quiet

Pros: Encourages Intimacy 

Cons: Could be passive if shy

Sun Sign Compatibility: Aries & Gemini

  1. Passion – Great for starting a family 

Pros: Ideal for Gatherings

Cons: May lack discipline.

Sun Sign Compatibility: Aquarius & Virgo

  1. Safety – Great for commitment 

Pros: Can make you feel safe and secure

Cons: inflexibility & cautious 

Sun Sign Compatibility: Leo & Scorpio

  1. Youth – Great for travelling 

Pros: Fresh, new and young

Cons: instability

Sun Sign Compatibility: Pisces & Taurus 

  1. Trust – Great for soulmates 

Pros: Beautiful for family and pets. A true lovers nest.

Cons: Internal and external appearance worries

Sun Sign Compatibility: Cancer & Gemini

  1. Nature – Great for starting a hobby/business

Pros: Staying motivate for projects

Cons: Loneliness 

Sun Sign Compatibility: Aries & Leo

  1. Fortune – Great for finance

Pros: Abundant fortune

Cons: Addiction

Sun Sign Compatibility: Scorpio & Capricorn

  1. Health – Great for emotional and physical wellbeing 

Pros: Everyone feels welcome

Cons: Lost things

Sun Sign Compatibility: All

Spiritual Symbols: Nature – Animals,

Have you ever been drawn to an animal, kept spotting a certain bird, or found a strange insect lurking around your garden or house? These could be signs.


Insects are strong signs, especially when found in your personal space. They may also appear in certain numbers so it may be worth counting encounters. The best way to understand what the universe is trying to communicate with you is to understand the spiritual meaning of the insect itself and then look at the time and place you found it, it may also appear in a dream.


If you tend to spend a lot of time looking at the sky you may begin to see a few birds around. You tend to be drawn to see these birds when the universe is trying to communicate with you, much like insects it’s important to pay attention to numbers. These signs are especially strong when you see them outside their normal location, for example seeing a seagull in your garden is a strong sign, seeing them at a beach may be circumstantial.


If you have a strong connection to animals you might find the universe sending signs using common mammals. Domestic animals can also be a form of communication but these appear in a dream. These animals will present themselves very clearly, so make sure to pay attention.

Aquatic Animals

The ocean is a vast and spiritual place and that’s no exception for the creatures that dwell within it.

Spiritual Symbols: Nature – Flora

It’s not just animals that the universe uses to communicate with people. It also uses various other things found in nature.

Trees & flowers

The most common and strongest signs from the universe are presented in trees and flowers. It could be a leaf landing on you at an opportune moment or seeing a flower that you feel drawn too. You can interpret these either by colour or placement. A fallen tree when you are questioning where you should be going may indicate a dead end or a change in thought.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables have classic connotations with the ideas of bounty and harvest. This is particularly true in Christianity where fruit have often held powerful spiritual symbolism like Eve and the Apple of Cain and the pear.


Our world is made up of great, natural landforms which define our planet and inspire us with wonder and spiritual significance.

Spiritual Symbols: Celestial Forces

Celestial forces refer to the idea of the sky and the tangible and intangible forces related to it.


The weather has long been viewed as extremely potent, both spiritually and in terms of symbolism. Often it is seen as having a direct influence on our moods and emotions or at the very least, reflecting them. They also symbolize the changes we go through in life. Storms for example can represent turmoil we go through while rainbows represented a new beginning.


Seasons are similar to weather but do have some crucial differences. The seasons often reflect the stages of life we are in and determine our past, present and future.

Celestial Objects

The infinite mass of space holds many things that have both direct and indirect influence on our world. This objects typically are seen as powerful and highly impactful.