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The 10 Best Crystals For Anger and Irritation

The 10 Best Crystals For Anger and Irritation

Negative emotions can be overwhelming, especially if we don’t act to dissipate them quickly and peacefully. The miraculous powers and properties of crystals are just what you need to help you simmer down, feel better, and see the bright side of life.

There is a variety to choose from that will specifically assist with feelings such as anger and irritation. With such a plethora to choose from you’re spoilt for choice! Learn about what crystals will work for you and implement them into your everyday routine. You’ll feel calmer, lighter, and in a better mood in no time.

Smokey Quartz For Anger and Irritation

Smoky quartz is the go-to crystal for those moments when you’re filled with fury. Its amazing ability to absorb and neutralize negativity will transform your mood. By holding this crystal and taking a few deep breaths you’ll calm down and it will keep you grounded. 

Let go of your anger and dissolve emotional blockages. Smokey Quartz will protect you from the harmful effects of anger. Any pent-up emotions that disturb your serenity will be released and kept at bay. Unwanted energy will not plague you while you have access to this crystal. Keep it close to transmute bad vibes.

Howlite For Anger and Irritation

Nurturing, soft and supportive, Howlite is the stone of peace. Anger cannot exist in your body when the powers of Howlite are called into play. This stone will heighten your awareness and align you with your higher power. As you observe your emotions under the influence of this stone you will realize the spiritual, physical, and emotional damage that it is causing.

If you’re frustrated, annoyed, or are harboring resentment, Howlite will comfort you. Your frayed nerves and touchy temperament will disappear, the energy of this stone will settle your emotions. Don’t wallow in your wrath, instead use Howlite to turn your mood around.

Green Quartz For Anger and Irritation

Connecting with the heart chakra and increasing feelings of compassion and empathy, Green Quartz is a powerful crystal to turn to if you’re dealing with feelings of anger. This dazzling gem will lift your spirits, helping you to see the silver lining in all situations. 

Green Quartz will help you to release any anger that you are holding on to. Using this stone will balance your emotions and will leave you feeling more content. Any negativity will be purified by the vibration of this crystal and will remove the poison of bad emotions.

Peridot For Anger and Irritation

The gentle energy of Peridot will keep you calm and centered. The properties of this stone will help you to balance your mind and restore peace. It alleviates any bitter feelings that you may be holding and encourages you to grow beyond your current state. This is a great stone to assist you when your mood is less than pleasant.

If negative people are leaving you feeling hot and fiery this Peridot can dampen the flames. Trust the energy of this crystal and let it help you to detach from people who annoy you. Whenever you’re feeling hot-tempered and need to cool down then Peridot will relax and pacify you.

Rose Quartz For Anger and Irritation

If you want to beat anger then love is the answer. Rose Quartz will raise your vibration from the lowest points on the emotional scale to its pinnacle where love resides. It will fill your being with compassion and will bring harmony to your everyday life.  

If somebody has wronged or irritated you, Rose Quartz will help you to be more understanding and forgiving. By identifying the root cause of your anger this crystal will help you to heal faster and move forward. If your anger is harming your relationships then Rose Quartz in particular will restore any broken bonds.

Bloodstone For Anger and Irritation

If you have difficulty controlling your anger and haven’t found a helpful outlet to pour your negative energy into then consider the properties of Bloodstone. This incredible healing stone can solve any problems that are troubling you. It will also protect you from environmental triggers, so if someone is in a bad mood it will keep their energy away from you.

Bloodstone is useful for cleansing away negative emotions. It is known for its ability to link and align the lower chakras with the heart chakra. Using this stone will make you feel amazing and transform aggression into contentment.

Aquamarine For Anger and Irritation

If past memories haunt you and keep you locked in a state of anger and spite Aquamarine can assist you. With its penetrating, blue hues it will wash away your woes and elevate you to a place of inner peace. It can aid you with your mission of self-healing and give you spiritual insights into how you can further develop and progress.

The more that you use this crystal the better you will feel. Working with crystals provides you with a life-altering tool that can help you to move on from negativity and enjoy your life. When you let anger control you it starts to breed and fester. Aquamarine will prevent this from occurring and will clean your slate, ready for positivity to take its place.

Blue Lace Agate For Anger and Irritation

When anger leaves you feeling unstable Blue Lace Agate is one of the best solutions. This crystal deals with suppressed feelings that may cause you to feel angry, hurt, and frustrated. Whatever is bothering you will no longer be able to affect you. The energy of Blue Lace Agate will help you to accept your feelings.

If you’re the type to react before thinking and you let your temper get the best of you then Blue Lace Agate will keep you in check. It will help you to gain control over what you say and feel calmer around people that rile you up. This is an extremely relaxing crystal that will mellow out your mood and improve your temperament.

Rhodonite For Anger and Irritation

Your emotional wounds can now heal when you harness the vibrational magic of Rhodonite. No matter what is troubling you this crystal will help you to gain mutual understanding if someone has angered you. Tapping into its energy will give you the support you need to leave the past behind.

Rhodonite will remind you of your power. It will help you to recognize the divine within and see that you can take charge of your emotions. Feelings that aggravate you will be replaced with more pleasant emotions so that you can enjoy being in a higher vibrational state. If you want more luster for life and wish to rid yourself of anger then Rhodonite is a great option for your healing. 

Blue Kyanite For Anger and Irritation

If making rash decisions based on your emotions is something that you’re guilty of then Blue Kyanite is one of the best stones for mental awareness. This stone will help you to be more rational and understanding of your emotions. Rather than lashing out at people and succumbing to fits of anger, it will give you the clarity that you need to make logical decisions.

Use this stone to meditate and go within. When you practice mindfulness with this crystal your anger will be a thing of the past. It will help you to feel more tranquil and heal your body, mind, and soul. Get in touch with your true being and dissolve away your stress.

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