What Are The Different Types Of Ghosts?

There have been a lot of speculation about the existence of ghosts in our lives. Scientists have tried hard to find satisfying results to prove the existence of spirits and the after life. There have been many researches conducted on this matter which tried to find evidence related to ghosts. In popular culture, a ghost is the spirit of a dead person or animal. People like to believe in the presence of an afterlife. A place where the soul of a dead person or animal goes to after its death. The souls of those deceased who do not manage to make it to the after life remain as ghosts. 

Different religions and cultures have their own folklore about ghosts and the way they affect us humans. It is believed ghosts can be of different types. This includes translucent wispy shapes to invisible shapes to even lifelike realistic forms. In this article we shall mention the different types of ghosts popularly believed to be present amongst us. Rea don to find out more.


Ectoplasm is known to be a common occurring phenomenon when an individual is in a state of trance. The medium or the person organizing the event and trying to communicate with the outside world reaches a state of meditative trance where the energy from his body gets transferred to a spiritual entity trying to communicate with the physical world. When the energy gets stronger, the appearance of the ectoplasm gets more vivid. It is described as being non porous and having fabric like tissue and also having a gelatinous appearance. There have been mentions of ectoplasm in horror stories and even popular culture where mediums try to communicate with dead people and exert their energy in order to summon a spirit.


In horror folklore, a Poltergeist is a spirit which is capable of physically disturbing an area or a person. They have the ability to interact with our world and can move objects and produce loud noises. Poltergeists have been known of biting, hitting, pinching and even making people trip and fall. They are usually troubled spirits who set out to bother specific persons instead of an area.

Poltergeists may try to seek revenge from the physical world by engaging in activities which would cause loss and harm to humans. They are considered one of the most dangerous types of ghosts and are very hard to deal with. Poltergeist activity has been reported at many places and also has given rise to a lot of widely acclaimed movies like The Conjuring. There have been many movies and documentaries about poltergeists, although science is yet to find a rational explanation for their presence.


This is a kind of ghostly phenomena where particular dots and flashes of light can be seen in the background of images clicked with a camera. They can be also be dull white lifeless substances floating in the air in an image. They are usually round and are believed as a sign indicating the presence of a spirit. Although there has been a lot of explanation going around that they are usually malfunctions of the camera lens or dust or light particles in the air, a solid reason is yet to be found for their presence. 

Cold Spots

Cold spots are sudden decreases in temperatures in areas and places believed to be haunted by ghosts. They are another indication of the presence of spirits apart from cold spots. Ghost hunters and researches explain that a sudden decrease in ambient temperature can mean a spirit is nearby. A special kind of thermometer is used by ghost hunters to detect any abnormal decreases in temperature. Cold spots in old buildings and places often make people believe about ghostly presence.

Human Ghosts

It is believed that when a person dies, his spirit tries to enter the after life. However, if the reason of death was something sad or unnatural, the sprit gets troubled and is unable to move on. The spirit continues to remain in the physical world trying to undo its fate.

Human ghosts are usually believed to be harmless, though they may try to seek revenge from the person they think responsible for their death. Human ghosts in our culture have ranged from spirits, demons to even powerful angel linked to Satan. They usually haunt a specific location and tries to deter any individual from interacting with that area. There are some people who try communicating with ghosts in order to know more about them and their cause of death.

These people called mediums usually hold seances where they start a ritual in order to summon a spirit. The most effective way of dealing with human ghosts have been trying to find the mortal remains of a person and giving it a proper burial. 

Animal Ghosts

Just as humans die and the spirit comes out from the physical body, the same is thought to happen with animals also. Animals ghosts have been popular in different cultures where entire herds of cattle were seen grazing at nights on deserted fields. Ghost horses are also very popular with myths and legends existing about ghostly horses galloping through forests at night. People living close to jungles and forests have confirmed seeing animals at night which re thought to be dead long back. 

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Pet owners have also reported sighting sprits of their dead animals or having feeling them trying to communicate with them once more. In ghost fiction, various ghost animals have been mentioned from elephants to even wolves, tigers and bears

Ghost Objects (Houses and Ships)

Haunted areas like houses, hospitals and even prisons are believed to exist by individuals around the world. The haunted place is usually thought to be inhabited by the spirit of a dead person. The ghost, in this case, who has made the location their abode.

Popular tourist destinations around the world are thought to be haunted. Old buildings especially have a higher chance of being haunted by the spirits of the people who once lived in them. There are many buildings and areas worldwide which are thought to be notorious for the presence of ghosts. People have reported ghostly sightings, feeling feverish, hearing strange noises and even sound of objects being thrown around and broken.

There are loads of movies made about ghostly hauntings in buildings and homes. Often where the spirit is adamant to leave the area and leave. Haunting in areas are usually attended by priests who try to pacify the ghosts and get it under their control.

Ghost ships have been mentioned throughout history. Often they are found floating around in the ocean with no crew on board. There have been several incidents also where ghost ships have washed up on the beach with no trace of the people who once were on board. Some popular ships of kings in the mid 1800s have disappeared without a trace and have been found several years later floating around in the seas. People working in oceans on cruisers and ships usually report sightings of ships sailing in the ocean and then disappearing after a few minutes. Ghost ships continue to baffle scientists and observers alike and sightings are reported even in today’s time. 

Ghosts in dreams

When we dream, our body goes into a trance like state. Here our mind and senses are completely cut off from the physical world. It is said that spirits find it easier to communicate with us because of this when we are sleeping. They can try to enter our dreams as versions of themselves as humans. Usually it’s to tell us information they want us to convey. Spirits with malicious intentions can also harm us by making us unable to move. This can be a cause of sleep paralysis. While doctors have established that sleep paralysis is a natural process of the human body, many people still widely believe it occurs as a result of a ghost visiting us inn our dreams. 


There are various mentions of ghosts in our lives. Each religion and culture have their own version of it and they continue to scare people even today. The above mentioned types of ghosts are an example of the different forms of ghosts present around us. Although most ghosts are usually ignorant of humans, some may have evil intentions too if they were evil in their human life as well. Movies, books and even TV shows have tried to show the presence of ghosts to the general public. Some ghostly incidents are even very popular among people and a lot of speculation has been done on the subject. While the debate goes on regarding the actual presence of ghosts or just an imaginary part of the human mind, this article will surely educate our readers about the whole concept of ghosts. 

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