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What are the Best UV light for Minerals?

What are the Best UV light for Minerals?

TLDR? Then check out my number one pick for the best UV light for minerals on Amazon: the uvBeast NEW V3 Black UV light

Do you know the first person to view the fluorescence of minerals was George Gabriel Stokes in 1852? Later on, the process begins, and we’ve discovered many minerals that glow under the light. But have you ever wondered what makes them glow under the UV light? 

If not, your search is over! We’re here with this detailed guide about the best UV light for minerals that’ll help you understand everything. Let’s delve into further details!

First of all, we’ll address what ultraviolet light is? UV light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation, invisible to the human eye. It falls between the region of X-rays and visible light in the spectrum. There are mainly two types of UV lights, i.e.:

  • Long Wave UV light
  • Short Wave UV light 

Most commonly, we use the short wave UV light, which generates a visible light. This visible light passes through and makes them glow! Now you understand the basics of glowing minerals, why do these minerals glow only under UV light? Keep reading to know more: 

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Will Minerals Glow Under LED Backlit?

Many of you might be wondering if the minerals glow under a simple LED light or not. Unfortunately, the answer is No! The LED lamps usually emit long-wave UV light, which means that you get the filtered light in return. However, note that there are few minerals available that will also glow under the long-wave UV light. Fluorite is one of them! 

What Makes Minerals Glow Under Short Wave UltraViolet Light?

There is a specific property that makes minerals glow under UV light, which is known as fluorescence. This is how humans can see these minerals! Under this property, these minerals absorb some light. Then, they reflect it with a slightly different wavelength. Hence, you’ll see the color of the mineral as per the wavelength. 

Usually, the shortwave UV light is not visible to human eyes. But the light which is reflected becomes visible. It is also known as fluorescent light. 

Benefits or Uses of Minerals Fluorescence:

Now, you know that the minerals glow under the short wave UV light and become visible to the human eye. But have you ever wondered about the benefits of buying such UV lights for minerals! Well, there are several practical and spiritual benefits of glowing minerals in our life. Here, in the ultimate guide about the best UV light for minerals, we’re going to state every advantage of owning these lights. Let’s discuss it! 

Meditation and Focus:

Yoga is all about focus! You cannot meditate if you have bad vibes from a place. And crystals and minerals are a way to connect to the universe as they retain the planet’s vibrations for a long time now. Hence, every mineral is full of energy and wisdom on its own. We can use this positive energy for our well-being by placing these minerals in our homes. 

Therefore, merely placing these minerals in your yoga room will look a little dull. What if you make them glow under the UV light! They’ll look more energetic and lively. It connects your soul with the positive vibes of the universe while meditating.  

Mining and Mineralogy:

Scientists have the use of fluorescence or mineral glow in mining. But how does that work? Keep on reading to know more! Geologists can find small stones in crushed ore once they glow them with a specific wavelength of UV light. This way, they can identify different minerals based on fluorescence.  

What Minerals Glow Under UV Light?

As already mentioned, it is the ultimate guide about the best UV light for minerals where you’ll get everything you need to know. Hence, it’s time to move on to the section where we’ve stated the names of minerals that you can buy for the glow. These are as follows:

  • Scheelite:

This mineral will glow blue under the shortwave UV light. 

  • Fluorite:

Fluorite mainly emits blue color, but many specimens also have a red, white, green, and yellow color. 

  • Scapolite:

Scapolite has a very charming orange and yellow color. 

  • Willemite: 

This Willemite ore glows under the UV light as bright green.

  • Calcite: 

Only a few Calcite minerals glow under UV light as red, yellow, pink, and blue. 

Best UV Light for Minerals:

After knowing the basics, it’s time to move you through the best UV lights for minerals! Choosing the best one can be a tough one; various factors count while buying the UV lights. 

You need to know if your mineral can reflect the UV light or not! Then comes the range of UV light that you’re about to buy. Well, worry no more! As we’re here with this ultimate guide to help you arrive at the better deal.  

My Favorite UV light for Minerals

1. uvBeast NEW V3 Black UV light – Best Overall:


Better Range and Intensity:

Users always look for a better range with the UV lights! That is where this uvBeast fits best. It has an intense 365nm UV and an innovative design to fill the gaps. This V3 black can emit the light at 365nm in the form of filtered UV light. When it comes to range, you’ll get the intense light even after 60 feet and high intensity at 365nm to glow the minerals.

Pro-Grade Gadget:

uvBeast brings in the pro-grade performance with its filters! Unlike other, this gadget is neither providing the unfiltered UV, nor does it have the 395nm wavelength. Hence, let’s not confuse this V3 Black UV Light with all ordinary devices. It offers a higher amount of excitation at 365nm with the onboard UV filters to maximize the glow.

Gold Standard Intensity:

Most of the UV lights have a low intensity, or some devices can have a higher power, lowered with time. This uvBeast New V3 Black comes with the Triple LEDs at 1000mA emitting at 1800 uW/cm2. Therefore, in total, you’ll get the 5400 uW/cm2. That’s enough to make most of the minerals glow.

Ready to Use:

No need for complicated setups! This uvBeast features the Li-ion rechargeable button-top protected PCB cells. Two button-top 18650 3.7V rechargeable cells have further protected PCB, which has the overall 2600 mAh of power.


  • Two-bay USB charger
  • 2600mAh power
  • Ob-board filter blocks
  • Protected PCB


  • Dark filter reduces the viewing area 

2. Escolite UV Flashlight Black – The Runner Up:


Covers a Large Area:

Many IV lights receive complaints about their small viewing area! Let’s get rid of this problem with this Escolite UV flashlight! It features the 51 UV LED lights along with the powerful intensity combination to cover a large area. When it comes to minerals, it’ll glow the whole setup with its large covering range-no need to place more than one light!

Range of Wavelength:

As per the manufacturer claims, you can have a range of different wavelengths, i.e., from 390 to 395nm. This wide range of wavelength offers the glow for every type of mineral. The glowing minerals will then help you meditate in a peaceful and energetic environment.

Multiple Purposes:

We’re here dealing with the glowing minerals. But wait! Do you know that this Escolite UV light has many other purposes as well? It’ll help you reveal the Dry dog urine stains, rodent stains, bed bugs, and other stains that are not visible with the human eye. If you live in an area with more scorpions, this Black UV light must-have in your backpack.


  • 51 LEDs to cover a large area
  • 4-6 hours of run time
  • Aluminum Alloy waterproof body
  • 390to 395nm range


  • Warranty doesn’t include battery-related issues 

3. TaoTronics Black Light:


Find the Invisible:

UV light is known for its specific property that makes everything visible! The same goes for the minerals as they appeared colored when placed under the short wave UV light. This TaoTronics Blacklight features the specific 395nm wavelength to help you detect the stains, bed bugs, creatures and make the minerals look colored.

Versatile Uses:

As already mentioned, this TaoTronics brings you multiple advantages- all at a single place. You can check the authenticity of currency, official documents and can light up the colored minerals. With the 12 UV LEDs, the TaoTronics ensure you a whole 15 years of lifespan.

Powerful Batteries:

TraoTronics works with three long-lasting AAA batteries, which can spot the stains and make the minerals look colored. It’ll have the runtime for 2-3 hours on a single charge.


  • Durable and high quality
  • Pocket-sized
  • Counterfeit protection


  • Doesn’t work for carpets with uorescer 

4. LE Small UV Backlight:


Small and Compact Design:

No one would love to ruin the design of their yoga room! This LE Small UV Backlight has 3.7 inches in length, which can easily fit inside your pocket. Moreover, when it comes to using them for mineral glow, you can hide them under the rocks, and it’ll look more mesmerizing as it seems like the light is coming from the stones.

Durable and Long Lasting:

This LE Small UV light enables you to make an investment that lasts longer! It is made up of the durable and sturdy Aluminum alloy, which gets no rust in moisture and can bear the stress. You can easily place them under the mineral rocks to make them glow!


Buy this all-in-one UV light to get rid of multiple products. You can use this UV blacklight to detect the animals’ urine, stains, bugs, and many other creatures that glow under UV light. Bring this 395nm UV light to use to make the minerals glow. These minerals will not only enhance the aesthetic but help you meditate!


  • Pocket-friendly size
  • One hand use
  • Perfect for minerals glow
  • IPX4 Water-resistant


  • Overheats

5. LIGHTFE Black Light UV Flashlight:


Innovative Technology:

This LIGHTFE Black UV Light brings in the LG LED source! No need to rely on the 9 or 12 LEDs like the ordinary lights. This UV301D lamp utilizes the original LED light from the LG brand and the 3 watts output power and an intense beam for high UV irradiance. It offers 115 mW/cm of CUR and multi-LED light support to cover the large viewing area. No matter how large your setup is, it will make the mineral stones glow in a breeze!

Black Filter Optical Lens:

UV301D also ensures you of the filtered light, which makes the mineral rocks glow! Moreover, along with the hard black filter, the latest plating technology made up of Aluminum alloy reflector is way more effective than the cheap plastic.

IPX8 Waterproof:

Apart from the durability, this UV light source is waterproof up to a few meters. Moreover, its 5 feet impact resistance increases its worth.


  • O-ring sealed-gear
  • 2-3 hours runtime
  • Super durability
  • Filter black lens


  • Battery problems

Comparison Chart:

ProductsUV wavelengthVoltageUV RangeCellsLED
1. uvBeast NEW V3 Black UV light365nm3.7V70ft+x2 18650 Li-ion RechargeableTriple LEDs
2. Escolite UV Flashlight Black395nm4.5VLi-ion Rechargeable51 LEDs
3. TaoTronics Black Light395nm4.5VLi-ion Rechargeable12 LEDs
4. LE Small UV Backlight395nm4.5V4.9ft+Li-ion Rechargeable9 LEDs
5. LIGHTFE Black Light UV Flashlight365nm1.5V120 ftAlkaline1 LG LED

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Does the UV light work for the minerals?

A. Yes, most of the UV lights appear colored to the human eye when placed under shortwave UV radiation. You can use the UV lights to create an enchanting look with the colored minerals.

Q. Which minerals can show color in UV light?

A. The minerals that appear colored under UV light are Scheelite, Fluorite, Scapolite, Willemite, and Calcite.

Q. How do UV lights work?

A. These UV lights have a specialized black filter that can change the invisible radiation into visible ones. Batteries power these lights.


If you’re looking to create a mesmerizing look around you for meditation, the colored minerals are one such thing. You can use UV lights to make them appear colored to the human eye, which gives an enchanting look and positive vibes simultaneously. Grab these best UV light for minerals mentioned above for a more wonderful experience.