What Does Sodalite Look Like?

Bag of sodalite

Choosing the best possible stones and gems to have the energies in your home be balanced and working as they should, can be a challenge. When you are walking through your local market or just a crystal shop on the prowl for a good sodalite stone you will need to know what they look like. Using the wrong stone as you would use a sodalite stone can cause immense discomfort and even increase the problems you have with sleeping.

Sodalite stones are light blue to dark blue with lines that almost look like waves across the surface, the crystal will have a layered appearance and will be fringed with white quarts as well. Some sodalite stones have no lines but have blotchy white areas interspersed with much deeper and darker shades of blue. Once a crystal has been polished it will easily be recognized as a true sodalite stone. 

Understanding what a true sodalite stone is, how many patterns there are, and when the patterns are pronounced or hidden will save you a lot of time. Many people around the world are untrained and make the mistake of assuming that every blue crystal is sodalite, which is why you need to learn 

How do you tell when it is real sodalite?

Real sodalite stones are easy to recognize as they will not behave like fake sodalite, real sodalite stones are rather tough and will not shatter. Further, sodalite does not fade with age, this means that if the stone you are looking at has a matt texture and is slightly rough then it is fake. 

Sodalite stones can chip, but only when smacked to sodalite itself or something harder, which is why you will commonly see fake sodalite with scratches. If you suspect that a sodalite stone that is being sold is fake you can check to see it is real by simply seeing if your nail can scratch the surface. However, it should be noted that other stones are blue but are not sodalite, which is why you need to know how to tell lapis lazuli from sodalite.

Further, the are other crystals that you need to be aware of as well, as they are blue or white and can have the same colors as much more expensive stones. Sodalite will not be super expensive either, while lapis lazuli can easily fetch triple the price of our blue stone. With other blue stones like turquoise and fluorite coming up a lot more expensive and may not even be available in the shops, you are going to. 

How hard is sodalite?

At a Mohs scale of 5.5 to 6, which is a far way from the hardest known substance diamond which comfortably sits at 10. Sodalite is hard enough that is won’t be scratched by simply dropping it on a tile or having it polished with your shirts or clothes. Some pieces of sodalite can be harder than others and allow for a more clean polish when done right.

However, sodalite is not so hard that it cannot be scratched at all and will easily be scratched when a knife blade is put against it. This is why you will see most sodalite stored in leather bags rather than the marble bowls that most other stones are displayed, sodalite is meant to be used daily, and storing them somewhere they can easily be scratched is a good way to devalue your stones. 

It is important to remember further that the harder an object is the easier it can shatter, while sodalite will survive a fall to the ground, if the rocks experience too much force then the crystals will shatter. Even if carried in a leather or cloth bag, it is important to remember that some of the stones you have will be harder than others, if the bag falls too far or something lands on top with too much power then the stones will shatter against each other. 

What patterns can sodalite have?

All sodalite stones have unique patterns one of them, this is a big part of the beauty that the stones have, as they are naturally occurring they happen entirely at random and there is no way to predict how they will form. You can see this by picking up any two sodalite stones and see that even if they have been shaped to look the same their patterns will be worlds apart, a quality that is both mysterious and amazing. 

Further, polished, and refined sodalite stone looks nothing like unpolished, unprocessed sodalite stone. These are the stones that you may very well discover out in the wilds and many miners come across the sodalite in their lifetimes but never realize what they are holding. This is why knowing what unpolished sodalite looks like is just as important as knowing what polished sodalite looks like.

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Unpolished sodalite

Unpolished, rough sodalite can look almost like any other rock you may find out in the wild, these stones cannot be found just anywhere, which is why most people that do encounter them think they are junk. Unwashed sodalite will have a thick layer of white dust that coats it entirely and can be shaped in any way that a natural rock can be shaped. 

To get to sodalite you will have to mine, which is why you will never see them just lying about in the forest. However, many mines that quarry other gems and crystals have veins of sodalite running through them as well and might simply throw them away as scrap. This is why in countries where sodalite is mined you can find smaller sodalite rocks near these mines or even as a part of the mining mounds. 

Polished sodalite

Polished sodalite will always have a deep blue coloring, with a reflective surface that can be intoxicating to look at the first time you encounter them. Sodalite will not always be blue, with some rare variants have shades of violet, red, violet, purple, and can sometimes light up even more when placed under ultraviolet light. 

You must remember that natural sodalite is not ready to be used yet and that the stone needs to undergo heavy polishing to become useful. Most of the time this process takes a few days and several gems are polished at the same time to deliver the best effect. 

What color should sodalite be?

Sodalite that we use for sleeping and other healing properties should always be shades of blue with white interspersed. This is the perfect quality sodalite for your home and will last the longest with other variations of the stone containing different energies and inducing other forms of sleep as you may need them.

A big thing to remember when using sodalite stones is that they do not always come in the shades and shapes that you may be familiar with. A skilled craftsman can shape sodalite to be any shape they need it to be with others able to engrave charms into the sodalite stones that they have available. However, if you need sodalite for sleep there is an accepted shape and coloring that you need to use.

This will be the oval, pill-shaped sodalite that you are familiar with, this sodalite is easy to place underneath your cushion and will comfortably allow you to get a full nights rest. A common mistake that people make is using the wrong shape of sodalite when sleeping, causing their pillow to be uncomfortable, which negates the use of the sodalite, to begin with.  


Once you are familiar with sodalite and its many uses you can comfortably see when you are dealing with the real thing or not at any store. These stones are strong, invaluable to your sleep, and can be an amazing addition to the collection of stones that you already have. One of the most unique things about sodalite is the prices that people ask for them, seeing as sodalite appears alongside other more expensive gems.

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Your sodalite stones, no matter what they look like, will always need to be polished and cared for, so be sure to have the right tools to do that!

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