What is The Best Incense For Yoga?

Yoga is all about focus, dedication, and creating a center of attention! You cannot get all three simultaneously as being a part of this disturbing environment. Since past times, people tend to use scents, perfumes, fragrances to create a yoga-loving climate. 

As time passes, another new method comes into play! People now use incense for all religious and aesthetic chores. Is it really worth it? Let’s find out!

Using the incense sticks and essential oils for yoga is a norm now. Not only do people love using it, but it has become an integral part of yoga sessions. You must be wondering what this incense serves to yoga that it has got the fame real quick. 

Worry no more, as we’ve got some benefits of using the incense sticks for yoga in this detailed guide. 

Below, we have some of the benefits of using the scent for yoga studios, rooms, and places!

Benefits of Incense for Yoga:

Serene Atmosphere:

Doing yoga is full of soul activity! You cannot compromise on the quality of yoga as it’ll eradicate the purpose of doing it. Hence, lighting an incense during yoga sessions will create a peaceful environment around you, which will help you focus on what you’re doing! It’ll boost your inner energy but calms your mind for a successful session.

An Aromatic Experience:

Our surroundings are full of odors! Smoke, car exhaust, and many other foul smells can ruin your focus while doing yoga. Not anymore now! Light up incense, and you’ll feel the difference in your mood and energy. Blocking such foul odors will help you reach the Zen!

Minimizes Stress:

Why do people do yoga? One of the simple answers to this question is that yoga is a stress-relieving activity. Having an incense alongside will do wonders for you! The fragrance will dig you deep into the meditation, which helps your heart rate and breathing. In turn, you’ll feel much lighter and calm. Therefore, bring a natural and soothing incense for your next yoga session for a carefree practice.

Uplifted Mood:

Yoga is a well-known activity to uplift your mood! The smell of incense will enhance the process way further. The fragrance will help you improve focus and increase concentration. Hence, instead of playing music, light up incense in the surroundings to uplift your mood and energy during yoga sessions.

The Smudge:

Do you know that there are plenty of incense products which are famous for cleaning the negative energies? People tend to cleanse a place from all the negative vibes with an incense. 

This process is called smudging. You can smudge yourself as well by lighting up an incense. It’ll make you much more assertive towards the negative energies.

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How to Choose the Best Incense for Yoga?

Now, you’re well aware of the importance of incense for yoga sessions. But do you ever wonder if there’s any best incense in the market for your yoga studio or place? Yes, there is! But how will you find the best one for you? Let’s find out:

Checklist to follow while buying the best incense for yoga:

  • Do not smell the smoke directly while buying the incense! While you’re doing yoga, you’ll not inhale the smoke directly but the fragrance itself.
  • Always check for the ingredients of incense. Buy ones that have natural aroma rather than perfumes and artificial smell.
  • People usually buy the Japanese or Tibetan Style incense for yoga as it has less smoke. These types of incense sticks contain no bamboo core and burn slowly.
  • You cannot get the fragrance without lighting up the incense. Smelling the packet will not give you the right scent. If it gives you a strong smell, there are plenty of chances that it is perfumed.

After following this checklist, you must be able to get the right incense for your yoga session. 

Are you still confused? No need to worry! Our experts have reviewed a fair share of products from the market and come with the best ones for you. Let’s move you through the top 5 best incense for yoga.

What is the best incense for yoga?

1. Nag Champa Namaste Incense by Satya:


Perfect Fragrance:

Satya Sai Products have been providing the customers with a sense of relief for many years now! This incense product is one of them! It has got the perfect enchanting fragrance, transforming the yoga place into a relaxed and tranquil place. The perfect world-famous fragrance will enhance your focus and drive you to meditate in an ideal manner.

Complete Variety- 12 Sticks:

Who doesn’t love the choices? This Nag Champa Incense has got 12 different sticks, each having its specific smell or fragrance. Each packet comes with an Earth logo from the Satya Bangalore (BNG) and weighs about 15 grams. The 12 sticks include the Nag Champa, Namaste, Positive Vibes, Tantra, Buddha Blessing, Aura Cleansing, Chakra, Pyramids, Reiki, Karma, Spiritual Healing, and Ayurveda. All these natural scents will leave no flaws behind in uplifting your mood and energy for yoga.

All Natural:

No need to get your room filled with artificial smells! Bring this Nag Champa by Satya Sai, which is made from the natural extract oils and fragrance. These finest quality scented oils will make your home smell right and peaceful.


  • 12 different fragrances
  • Manufactured in India
  • Natural extracts
  • Flora base scent


  • Customers complain about the mix-up scent

2. 3-Packs Original Saya Sai Incense:


Traditional yet Classic:

You’ll never be tired of smelling the beautiful Satya Sai incense! These incense sticks have a specialized Nag Champa flavor to spread the aroma in your yoga studio or yoga place at home. All these sticks in the package contain a traditional but unique smell which will cleanse your inner soul.

Perfect Blend of Herbs & Oils:

Most of you are very much concerned about the aroma and the incense material! As a peaceful activity like yoga cannot destroy the atmosphere at the other end. Satya Sai Nag Champa sticks have taken care of this fact and come with the right blend of herbs and oils for you. These incense make use of herbs, resins, and oils hand-rolled further to transform it into perfection.

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The package contains 15g of Agarabatti material, which can last up to 45 minutes. Hence, you’re going to involve deep into your meditation with the rich earthy fragrance of these incense sticks.


  • Blend of most refined oil and herbs
  • Perfect for meditation
  • Lasts up to 45 minutes


  • A little perfume-like smell

3. HEM Assorted Incense Sticks:


Natural and Lively:

Aren’t you tired of foul smells during the yoga sessions? It’ll break your attention and focus and ruin the overall purpose of this activity. But not anymore now! We’ve got you this HEM assorted Incense Sticks, which helps you maintain the focus and uplifts the inner energy by the natural scent. No need to inhale the artificial aroma early in the morning while meditating! These 100% natural and lively incense will boost the energy in your surroundings.

Hand-made Sticks:

Manufactured with care and perfection, these hand-made incense sticks by HEM are way more unique than the rest! These sticks create no artificial scent or fragrance and will enliven the mood with their all-natural aroma. It’ll be a source of optimism, joy, and confidence for you in real-time!

Money Drawing Effect:

This specialized fragrance is believed to have the money drawing effect on you! This fragrance will attract your business or institute’s money and call for Gold, good fortune, and silver rain.

Perfect for Gifts:

You can have our special gift box by HEM, which features a deadly combo of traditional fragrance and a sesame wood coffin incense, which is ideal for gifting your loved ones on any occasion.


  • Blend of natural ingredients
  • Sign of money
  • 100% natural
  • Perfect gift pack from HEM


  • Need to store in a cold place

4. Chakras Incense Sticks:


Incense for Chakra Activation:

You won’t regret buying this Chakra Incense to uplift your mood and energy! It has got the healing powers and its essential oils and provides you with a delicious fragrance in no time. You can utilize it for your personal use or can even give them to anyone who loves yoga.

Natural and Smooth Burner:

These sticks contain no nasty chemicals and preservatives during manufacturing. Moreover, it has no chemicals, charcoal, and alcohol products. All-natural and smooth burning will give an enchanting feel to the whole yoga room or place. Unlike others, these sticks utilize the natural aroma and a long-lasting burn.

Plenty of Aromas at One Place:

The scent can uplift and boost the calmness, inner peace, and relaxation in plenty of ways. There includes plenty of choices you choose from, including Patchouli, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Bergamotte, Sandalwood, Rose, Frankincense, Peppermint, and Sage, and Lotus.

Money-Back Guarantee:

We make sure that you’re going to love this incense! In case you don’t, here is our 100% money-back guarantee offer in which you can return the whole packet.


  • Perfect for healing
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Long-lasting aroma
  • Smooth burn


  • Heavy smoke

5. JL Local 6″ White Sage Smudge Sticks:


Handcrafted Sticks:

This sage smudge stick is entirely handcrafted with our technique and care. JI Local has contributed well to the manufacturing process that it contains all-natural aroma and fragrance. 

No artificial flavor or aroma is used in the manufacturing process, making sure that you get everything natural during yoga and meditation.

Perfect Gift:

Not only can you create a charm in your yoga place but give a chance to others to do so! Packed inside a colorful packet, you can gift these incense sticks to everyone you love! It has a perfect cleansing effect on minds, which will help you eliminate negative vibes apart from just spreading the scent.

All Natural:

All of the sage smudge sticks have a natural background! Our team carefully selects the incense wood from the particular land to preserve the plants and trees. Once cut, these plants are collected using the preservatives to keep their freshness alive.


  • Hand-made sage sticks
  • Cleanse the negative energy
  • Wood is grown in private land.
  • Gift-ready


  • Most of the sticks are stem parts.

Comparison Chart:

1. Nag Champa Namaste Incense by SatyaSatya SaiSet of 12 (15g each)WoodNag Champa, Namaste, Positive Vibes, Tantra, Buddha Blessing, Aura Cleansing, Chakra, Pyramids, Reiki, Karma, Spiritual Healing, and Ayurveda
2. 3-Packs Original Saya Sai Incense: Satya SaiThree packs (15g each)WoodHolistic, Good vibes, Love mix, meditation, Rust brown
3. HEM Assorted Incense Sticks:HEMSix hex tubes (20g each)WoodMoney Drawing fragrances from HEM
4. Chakras Incense Sticks: Chakra Incense Natural BambooPatchouli, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Bergamotte, Sandalwood, Rose, Frankincense, Peppermint, Sage, and Lotus
5. JL Local 6″ White Sage Smudge Sticks:JL LocalSix bundles (6 Inches Each)WoodSmudging Wand Incense Stick for Cleansing, Purifying, Healing, Meditation 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Do incense sticks play a role in yoga and meditation?

A. Yes, they do! As already mentioned, these incense sticks are the perfect blend of oils and fragrance, keeping your mood uplifted by spreading aroma in your surroundings.

Q. Are these incense sticks have any emotional significance?

A. Incense has a specialized aroma or flavor, which can activate the brain cells in no time. You’ll feel more energetic and focused on yoga and meditation activities. So, yes! These incense play a role in elevating your mood.

Q. What these incense are made up of?

A. Incense sticks started from bamboo back in the 90s from China. Before that, charcoal and resin methods were used in the west.


Nothing can be a better combination than sitting quite at a place full-of aroma and meditating! The scent has a spiritual as well as an emotional significance towards yoga. Most of the yoga studios are the favorite places for yoga lovers, and one of the reasons includes that they smell good. 

These incense sticks are one way to do it! All the incense sticks mentioned above are the perfect blend of oils and wood to provide you with the natural fragrance for a peaceful ambiance. Alternatively, you could make your own! Check out my helpful guide on how it’s done.

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