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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Pelicans: Pelican Symbolism

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Pelicans: Pelican Symbolism

At first glance, pelicans can seem a little goofy. Their oversized beaks can mess up their proportions and the way they walk can look pretty clumsy. But then you see them in action catching fish and you realize just how majestic they really are. So, it’s only natural that pelicans hold incredible latent meaning.

With their glorious form and character, pelicans represent kindness and sacrifice. Moreover, they also spiritually signify humility, calmness, loyalty, teamwork, and the boldness to move past the comfort zone to pursue success.

Finding a pelican within your journey will give you plenty of lessons to thrive in life. In addition, they deliver significant spiritual signs that can influence your decisions toward family, career, and society as a whole. 

It all boils down to how you understand these signs and the true message behind each of them.   

What is Pelican Symbolism?

If you’re familiar with the story of the Pelican’s sacrifice, you can easily understand how this incredible bird is the ultimate symbol of selflessness and martyrdom.

The story tells how a mother pelican wounded herself, allowing her blood to drip to her dead younglings. Her blood revived the chicks as she faded out of life.

Seeing a pelican is associated with your generosity and unconditional sacrifice. Pelicans are also good reminders that your selflessness and compassion can help you accomplish your goals quickly. 

On the other hand, they could also suggest that you are giving too much, leaving yourself too little.

Pelicans in Christianity

In Christianity, pelicans are treated as the bird who embodies the qualities of Jesus Christ such as piety, humility, devotion, and unconditional love, in this way they share a lot of similarities to birds like doves.

Pelicans symbolize the passion of Christ mirroring the story of the Pelican sacrifice wherein the mother pelican took her own life for her younglings to live.

The narrative is closely related to how Christ gave his life to save humankind. Therefore, the blood of the pelican also represents the blood of Christ. This is why pelicans are often seen in cathedrals and Christian arts.

Pelicans in Different Cultures

Ancient Egyptians have other takes on the symbol of pelicans. Pelicans were considered as a symbol of death. By extension, it also represents the afterlife and a person’s safe passage to the underworld. 

Hence, ancient Egyptians put pelican symbols on the walls in tombs. Among the living, pelicans represent healing and recovery.

Chinese culture considers pelicans as symbols of long life since they are birds with incredible longevity. On the other hand, Native Americans deem pelicans as symbols of peace and camaraderie. This is because pelicans rarely have enemies in their natural habitat.

Pelicans Dream Meaning

Seeing pelicans in your dream means that you are working hard to achieve your success, and you may have to take some time to take care of yourself. 

While it seems that dreaming of pelicans suggests inevitable disappointments, it also implies that you can find ways to solve your problems.

If the pelicans in your dream fly with open wings, it is a good sign of wealth and success. The same meaning goes if the pelican has white plumage. 

If there has been an emphasis on the pelican wing, this means that achievements in career and marriage are on their way.

However, if you see a pelican swallowing a fish, it’s a sign that you have to be cautious with your assets. Avoid lending money or investing without calculating the risks.

Pelicans as a Spirit Guide

As a spirit guide, pelicans want nothing but your success, not just in achieving your personal goals but in surviving any challenge that comes your way. 

You will be guided on the importance of letting go and sacrificing elements of your life that could harm your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Pelicans are known to be resourceful and hard workers. This means that they will constantly remind you that no matter how difficult a situation is, there will always be a way to resolve it and still accomplish your dreams.

Likewise, as a spirit guide, pelicans will lead you to work harmoniously with other people. You help them move up as they return the same favor.  

Pelicans as a Totem

People with pelicans as a totem are compassionate, generous, and confident. This is related to the protective nature of pelicans, making them one of the best guardians there is.

Hence, you can expect such people to have incredible strength of heart. They are willing to let go of their happiness or even pain if it means that their family or closest friends can benefit from it.

However, because people with a pelican totem are generous and selfless, people with bad intentions take advantage of their kindness. Nonetheless, they are easy to forgive and extend humane understanding.

If a pelican is your totem then you are a person with a natural generosity and willingness to share. You can balance both sharing and supporting yourself and those close to you with ease. Perhaps you give to charity or you are simply more likely to share with those around you.

Seeing Dead Pelicans

Dead pelicans are a frightening sight. Nonetheless, it carries a meaningful sign that can affect your current circumstances. Seeing dead pelicans signifies a dead-end which means you will have no other options but to explore other alternatives.

When things are not working out the way they should be, it’s time to let go of certain choices you originally made and leave them to others to continue. It could be a certain attitude, perception, a concrete decision, or a chosen plan.

Nevertheless, it could either suggest sacrificing the entire direction or parts of it to attain the success you aim for. Therefore, evaluate the situation and make the right decision by assessing the risks of your actions.

What Does a Flock of Pelicans Mean?

Pelicans are social beings that work as a group. They hunt their food together and form a flock that allows them to survive. They develop friendships within their groups which also makes them breed better.

A gathering of pelicans means a solid affinity for social responsibilities. Furthermore, it symbolizes cooperation, friendliness, and charity.

Pelicans also signify non-judgmental attributes. People with strong connections to the pelicans care for the group unconditionally. They don’t pass judgment on others who have committed mistakes. Instead, they offer support and protection.

What Does It Mean When a Pelican Crosses Your Path?

If a pelican crosses your path, it means that you need to take care of yourself more. Several imbalances in your life can be corrected by taking it slow and reflecting on your life.

It’s time to hit the pause button because you may be causing some unseen harm to your physical and spiritual body by dealing too much with the burdens of your life. You may not notice these negative effects, but your pelican spirit guide is keen to observe.

Take time to relax, spend quality time with the people closest to your heart, and release the baggage that holds you back. Likewise, recognize the good things that happened in your life.


Encountering pelicans in your life can be a warning sign of impending disappointments and the need to step back a little. But you can take this sign either positively or negatively. If that’s the case, always choose to go positive.

Pelicans are here to remind you that you have the courage and strength to find the right solutions despite the burdens of the world. Look deeper into yourself and know the things you need to let go of. Always look into the boon and bane of your choice.